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Gabriela Herman

New York’s The Cut

More footwear shoots for New York’s The Cut column.

This time it’s U.S. TV and radio host Bevy Smith.

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Designer Isaac Mizrahi for United Airlines

Designer Isaac Mizrahi shot for United Airlines’ Hemispheres magazine.

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Naples Botanical

New outdoor work shot for Better Homes and Gardens, featuring the 170-acre Naples Botanical Garden in Florida.

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The Cut portraits

Latest work in a series of shoots for New York mag’s The Cut column.

It’s all about focusing on what people wear to work. And this time it’s a portrait of Mimi Valdés, chief creative officer of Pharrell’s i am OTHER company.

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In her shoes

The first in a series of shoots for New York mag’s The Cut column, on what to wear when you work in an art museum.

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Portraits for Bloomberg

Beautiful portraits of Maria Alia for Bloomberg Businessweek.

The new work is for a fashion focused story about how modesty is having its moment.

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Navajo land for CNT

A shoot for Condé Nast Traveler took Gabriela to the colourful Navajo Nation land.

She captured some fabulous portrait and landscape work around the Navajo Intertribal Pow Wow.

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Beauty brand red flower

Gabriela’s latest shoot for The New York Times Style Magazine took her ingredient-hunting in the Massachussets woods.

She photographed Yael Alkalay, founder of beauty brand red flower. See the article and more images below.

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Ho Foods in NYC

Latest food photography by Gabriela published in The New York Times, featuring Taiwanese newcomer Ho Foods.

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Canadian island life

Gabriela explored Canada’s remote Magdalen Islands, capturing some lovely colours and local life for Condé Nast Traveler.

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Oaxacan food shoot

Heavenly food photography by Gabriela for The New York Times, featuring Brooklyn newcomer, Claro restaurant.

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Martha Stewart flower shoot

Gabriela has contributed some stunning work to powerhouse Martha Stewart’s new book, Martha’s Flowers.

Gabriela got to snoop around her garden while shooting for the publication.

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Portraits of Rosie Perez

Gorgeous portraits by Gabriela of actress Rosie Perez, shot for The New York Times.

For more of Gabriela’s work, click on the link below.

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Travel for Tiny Atlas

Gabriela captures the true spirit and beauty of landscapes and special places with her latest travel images from Long Island’s North Fork.
Follow the link below for more travel and landscape photography by Gabriela.

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Nurse-Family Partnership

New pictures from Gabriela portraying beautiful human connections between parent and child.

See more from her shoot for non-profit organisation Nurse-Family Partnership, which works to transform the lives of babies and first-time mums.

Her images help to highlight the work of its community health programme in the U.S., which is all about creating better futures.

View more 19 Dec 2017
Jane Goodall for NYT

Gabriela has been lucky enough to meet and photograph renowned primatologist and conservationist Dr Jane Goodall for The New York Times.

‘What an incredible woman…truly an honour and inspiration,” says Gabriela.

“At 83, she still knows how to ham it up [during press interviews] and charm those around her.”

Jane founded global conservation organisation the Jane Goodall Institute, which operates in around 35 countries.

It empowers people to make a difference for all living things and has become a leader in innovative conservation approaches that better the lives of local people.

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The Kids in PDN Online

PDN online has featured a great article on Gabriela and the making of long term personal project, The Kids.

Gabriela is interviewed about the motivation behind The Kids, which is about adult children of gay parents, and how it has evolved.

The project includes portraits of people raised in this environment and interviews about their recollections.

It was borne out of Gabriela’s own personal experience, and in PDN she also talks of how the process of meeting her subjects was therapeutic.

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Jeong Kwan and Eric Ripert

A photographer’s path often leads to the exciting and unfamiliar, and Gabriela’s latest shoot has seen her spend 48 hours with a Buddhist nun chef in Manhattan.

On assignment for The New York Times T Magazine, Gabriela shadowed Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan as she teamed up with French chef Eric Ripert to cook at his restaurant in honour of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, from where she hails.

“Spending time with these chefs was such a dream and another reminder of why I love living in NYC and doing what I do,” says Gabriela.

Gabriela photographed the pair on a walk around city, which included a pit stop for meditation, before Jeong set to work on her traditional temple cuisine.

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Click magazine press

A lovely feature on Gabriela and her career is the cover story for the July/August issue of American photography magazine Click.

In the article, Gabriela talks about her personal project, The Kids, which profiles children with gay parents, explaining how she set out to explore and normalise her own family dynamic.

Gabriela also talks about growing up in Boston, her first big break with Martha Stewart, and balancing work with motherhood.

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Domino Mag Fortunato Sisters

A photo shoot for American home and lifestyle magazine Domino has combined some of Gabriela’s top passions: food, flowers and festivities.

Through colourful and vibrant photography, Gabriela depicts the joint bridal shower of twins Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato, founders of accessories line Lizzie Fortunato. The article is published online and in print.

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Renaissance Youth Center portraits

Gabriela has been busy portraiting some of the young people benefiting from an organisation for vulnerable inner city youth in New York.

To help promote the work of the non-profit Renaissance Youth Center, in the Bronx, a collection of her images were displayed at its annual fundraising gala. “I shot portraits of all the kids from the various programmes – such as music, tutoring and dance,” says Gabriela.

Renaissance offers performance based music programmes to empower at-risk and underprivileged children. More of Gabriela’s portraits can be seen on her Instagram.

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Photoshelter Blog interview

In an interview with Photoshelter Blog, Gabriela shares behind-the-scenes insight into a shoot she did with celebrity chef Wylie Dufresne for The New York Times’ T Magazine.

Gabriela talks about what it was like following Wylie through his morning ritual, and also offers her best advice for new photographers to help connect with clients they want to work with.

“I always tell people is be social! I can’t emphasise this enough,” she says. “That’s how I got my first assisting gigs when I was starting out. People want to hire you not only for your talent, but also because they like having you around.”

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Spirit of Spring Break

Gabriela’s street wanderings during the U.S. spring break in Miami have morphed into a new personal project.

She was in South Beach, walking around, when she literally stumbled across spring break “like she’s never seen before” and started shooting, street photography style.

“I don’t normally roam around looking to make an image, it’s usually more planned, so there was something so freeing about this,” says Gabriela.

“Luckily I had my camera with me and it was that beautiful end-of-day diffused light,” she adds. “I stayed clear of the debauchery and approached people whose style I was digging.”

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Global Women’s March day

The global Women’s March day will go down in history and Gabriela’s experience of the protest in the U.S. capital is counted among the powerful images of female photographers taking part.

She was interviewed for American website and magazine Wired.com about her experiences of the worldwide anti-Trump protest on 21 January to protect legislation and policies around human rights and other issues, including women’s rights. Her image gives a glimpse into the demonstration in Washington, which was among hundreds of marches held in cities globally.

“It was important as a woman, as a photographer, but also as a new mother,” says Gabriela. “I wanted to tell my seven-month-old daughter, who I brought with me, that she was there for this historic event.”

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Wanderlust silent auction

Gabriela has been doing her bit for an environment charity as part of a silent auction of travel photos.

Wanderlust: a silent auction benefit took place online to raise funds for the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Her photo Kauai, taken while on assignment for the Travel Channel in Hawaii, was part
of a group of images of emerging and established photographers depicting life through the traveller’s lens, shown off at the Wanderlust exhibition in Los Angeles, U.S., on 18 January.

The NRDC is all about building a better future, by working hard to safeguard the earth, its people, plants and animals, and natural systems on which all life depends.

“I was excited to be in such great company for the Wanderlust exhibit and silent auction,” says Gabriela. “The NRDC is a vital charity – part of the lifeblood of protecting our world for the future.”

Month of Photography Los Angeles ran the online auction fundraiser. Kauai was the second highest sale in the show.

View more 18 Jan 2017
Portraits of Zadie Smith

Gabriela has photographed one of today’s leading literary figures for The New York Times.

Her portrait of British novelist Zadie Smith appeared in The New York Times this month, to illustrate an interview about the writer’s latest book, Swing Time.

“I’ve been shooting more portraits for The New York Times recently,” says Gabriela. “These are usually quick assignments where you really have to think on your toes and stretch those photo muscles.”

The shoots are a great opportunity to meet smart and talented people, she adds.

View more 29 Nov 2016