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Jens Görlich

Travel lifestyle work

New lifestyle travel shoot for Lufthansa, shot in Vancouver, Canada.

See more of this style on our site (link below).

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Digital nomads

New travel work for Lufthansa - digital nomads exploring Cape Town, South Africa. See more of Jens’ style below.

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Epic aerials

Jens has been busy shooting landscapes around the world.

It includes aerial work from Vancouver.

See more below.

View more 22 May 2019
Landscape work

Epic new landscape work by Jens, shot in Germany.

See more of these in his albums.

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Beach landings

New work shot for Lufthansa magazine.

The story documents one of the world’s most unusual airports, based at Barra beach, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

It’s the only beach airport globally for scheduled flights.

14 Feb 2019
American West adventures

Stunning new work by Jens shooting travellers exploring the American West.

13 Dec 2018
Cockpit views for Lufthansa

Jens give us a view of air travel from the pilot’s seat in a shoot for Lufthansa.

Follow the link below for more of Jens’ Lufthansa work.

View more 4 Oct 2018
AUER shoot in Bavaria

A shoot for Auer Packaging took Jens to the beautiful landscapes of Bavaria.

See below for more of the results.

7 Sep 2018
Los Angeles aerials

Epic new aerial work by Jens capturing some of the magic and iconic landmarks in Los Angeles.

They were all shot from a helicopter.

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Lufthansa livery campaign

Jens has been busy with CGI layouts for Lufthansa’s plane livery, created to launch the airline’s new branding.

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Namibian landscapes

Jens has been busy shooting some beautiful landscape scenes in Namibia.

Click on the link below to see more of his global landscapes series.

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Dazzling Florida aerials

Sublime new aerial images from Jens over the Florida Keys.
See the link below for more of his global landscapes.

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Historic Junkers 52

Amazing new images by Jens from his shoot of the German aircraft transporter, Junkers 52, for Lufthansa’s Miles & More.

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Human traces in Namibia

Jens has added some stunning new desertscapes to his human traces series. The series is all about lonely, remote landscapes with just a hint of civilisation in them. These latest images are from Namibia.

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Jever Fun beer shoot

New work by Jens has taken him to the beautiful shorelines of German island Sylt to photograph beer and surfers.

The assignment was for Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt, shooting alcohol-free lager Jever Fun.

View more 2 Aug 2017
High altitude shooting

Jens describes the challenges of high altitude shooting in his latest aerial project to snatch some beautiful images over the German Alps.

The helicopter flight kicked off in Ottobrunn, a small community in Bavaria, and travelled towards the German border with Austria.

Jens says they had to fly at the highest legally possible altitude to make sure the background photos would feel right later on, when commercial jets are added to the images, for Lufthansa.

“Of course a jet airliner naturally flies fairly high but we were in a helicopter,” he adds. “And when the door is open, you can’t stay too long at this altitude because the air is so thin.

“So sometimes the pilot made me stop shooting, just when I felt I had the best light, so we could fly lower and catch some oxygen again.”

9 Mar 2017
Aerial shoot in Namibia

An aerial shoot showing the endless expanse of the Namib desert in southern Africa is the subject of Jens’ newest project.

The images, almost otherworldly or apocalyptic in appearance, offer a glimpse at the Namib’s relentlessly moving gravel plains and dunes that stretch along the entire coastline.

“I’ve been interested in shooting landscapes ever since I spent a lot of time location-scouting for famous photographers as a transition process from being an assistant to becoming a photographer myself,” says Jens.

He explains how he came across spectacular landscapes so the idea developed for a series about lonely, remote landscapes, with just a little hint at civilisation.

“That view on the world still fascinates me today,” adds Jens. “With this Namibia project, the view from the air allowed for very interesting angles. I’ve often had the chance to shoot landscapes from the sky, and I think it is a very revealing view from up there.”

“You can easily see where humans leave their footprint, or where nature is completely untouched (or has taken the land back).”

29 Nov 2016