Tea & Water Pictures

Jørn Tomter

I Love Chatsworth Road

A few years ago when my first son was born, I wanted to experience as much of his earlier years as I possibly could. I didn’t feel like traveling much, so I decided to look for a photography project close to home. I embarked on a mission to create a photographic archive of my new neighbourhood in East London. My aim was to photograph as many people and places as possible; I organised pop-up studios offering free portraits, photographed people in their homes, took pictures of shop owners and anything else that I found interesting. Hundreds of people have been photographed, and some, several times since I have started.

As the project evolved, I decided I wanted to create a magazine to put the photos in, and now I am the publisher of a magazine released from time to time. Besides photographing, the project has given me a new experience directing and working with a small team of designers, editors and writers. I have discovered that there are always new things to explore on my doorstep and have made friends from all walks of life, whom I would never have met if it hadn’t been for this project.

Jørn Tomter