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Noah Sheldon

Film with Dior’s Kim Jones

A film made by Noah with Dior’s artistic director, Kim Jones.

Created for digital video channel NOWNESS.

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Live Streamer film

Latest film from Noah’s ongoing series of video documentaries bringing life to the labour market in China.

Live Streamer, part of Work-is, tells the story of Jing Zi, one of a growing number of Internet personalities who has made her career from live-streaming.

Tens of thousands of people tune in daily to watch her broadcast live from a phone in Beijing.

Click the link below to watch the film.

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Wig factory film

Short film about a wig factory, as Noah continues to document jobs in China.

Click on the link below to see the film.

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Ryan Hemsworth music video

Noah has directed the music video for Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth’s Special Girl soundtrack.

He shot the video in the cultish bootcamp world of a Chinese hair and beauty school.

The single, released this week, is from Ryan’s third album, Elsewhere.

The collaboration came about after a chance meeting and mutual admiration. Everyone was on board with Noah’s vision for a ‘Bollywood style dance routine but slightly more outlandish and disjointed’.

Noah was already doing his own documentary and photo project on the training school (due out very soon) when Ryan came along.

Ryan said it was an honour working with Noah, who has a ‘unique perspective’.

He added: ‘I think it’s a wholesome, playful slong and Noah creating a dance video in a beauty college, everyone surrounded by mannequin heads, is all kind of unforgettable imagery.’

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Taobao short at Cannes

In another score for Noah’s Work-is film series, his Taobao Model short is in LE PETIT CANNES Film Festival, running parallel with the famous annual Festival de Cannes.

Taobao Model documents the life of a model working for China’s largest online shopping site.

LE PETIT CANNES describes itself as a celebration of small films with big talent. Go Noah!

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Styrofoam film in festival

Noah’s short film, Styrofoam Collector, has made it into the Construir Cine Labor International Film Festival in Buenos Aires.

It shows the tough daily life of a migrant worker in Shanghai who makes her living selling Styrofoam.

In an almost circus-style balancing act, she transports dozens of bundles on her bicycle for hours on end every day.

The film is part of Noah’s ongoing video documentary series, Work-is, about the labour market in China.

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Teach For All

Noah spent time documenting the work of global NGO Teach for All in Colombia, which helps children to reach their full potential.

Through a network of partner organisations in 48 countries, Teach for All focuses on children around the world who lack the education, support and opportunity they need to thrive.

4 May 2018
Taobao film in Slamdance

One of Noah’s short documentary films is in the 2018 Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

Slamdance describes itself as a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking.

It will be showing Noah’s film about the life of a model working for Taobao, China’s largest online shopping site.

The Taobao film is part of Noah’s wider Work-is series bringing to life modern jobs in China, another talent he focuses on outside of his photography.

This one captures Pin’er during a day of shooting, which included more than 150 outfit changes over the course of 13 hours – a fairly typical day for her.

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City of tomorrow Ford shoot

Noah has shot portraits across three U.S. cities for car maker Ford’s ‘city of tomorrow’ symposium.

The images of people in San Francisco, Chicago and New York were used to demonstrate the human side of cities at the event in San Francisco, on the future of mobility.

Ford is positioning itself as a thought leader on the future of our urban environments.

Noah’s images were on display to hundreds of experts, academics, policymakers and urban planners at the symposium.

‘My pictures were meant to set the tone for the conversations,’ says Noah. ‘I was asked to photograph people that make up a city. They were all wonderful places to shoot and it was a really great experience; people were so open.’

Topics included what our cities would look like if we completely reimagined our streets, preparing for a world of self-driving cars, and how to have a smart city you need to get transportation right first.

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Shanghai Tower in Art Daily

Online art newspaper, ArtDaily, shines a spotlight on Noah’s photo book, Shanghai Tower.

Sharing Noah’s vision behind the project, the article reveals how “the country’s labour force is a topic close to his heart” and his photographs “shine a light on the construction of China’s tallest skyscraper as well as the brave, tireless and often hidden people without whom it wouldn’t be possible to be built”.

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Film series Work-is

Imagine trying to balance dozens of giant Styrofoam bundles on a bicycle and then pedalling for hours through city traffic, with no side vision as you’re literally boxed inside a giant foam house.

This is someone’s job. And it is among the fascinating and insightful stories being shared by Noah through Work-is, an ongoing series of video documentaries about labour in China.

“I have been profiling specific jobs at a very intimate and granular level,” says Noah. “I get to learn about how things work, also about how things are connected in much deeper ways. It’s incredible how personal stories can be allegories for much larger trends or truths.”

As a photographer working in Shanghai, Noah has spent a lot of time documenting China’s vast supply chain, getting behind the scenes of an often discussed but seldom seen side of the country.

So with his filmmaker hat on, he started the Work-is series, to bring to life through personal narratives what it means to be working in modern China.

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Lin Dan for Oakley

In the run-up to the Olympics in Brazil, Noah directed a TV ad and shot a photographic campaign for Oakley.

It features badminton champion Lin Dan.

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Prestigious FT coverage

Noah has had the chance to document the workers responsible for the construction of China’s tallest tower, with his stunning images also picked up by the prestigious Financial Times.

Standing at an enormous 632m high, the skyscraper adds to the already impressive Shanghai skyline and continues to create a nod towards China’s progress to the future. Gensler, the U.S. builders of Shanghai Tower, invited Noah to record its construction from an architectural perspective.

While documenting the build, Noah took the opportunity to document the people responsible for putting the 127-storey tower together. Like many big Chinese construction projects, Shanghai Tower was built by migrant workers from the provincial cities and rural areas.

Noah says he was struck by the pride and physical courage the workers displayed working at such extreme heights. “They’re proud of the work, and we tapped into that,” he adds. “The way I approached the workers was to say, ‘You should be documented in the same way the building is’.”

Shanghai Tower claims to be the world’s greenest skyscraper, having been awarded an LEED platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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