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Sarah M Lee

Back with BAFTA

It’s that time again - Sarah documents this year’s BAFTA film awards.

View more 25 Feb 2020
Fashion label after party

New black and white work by Sarah, shot at an Art School after-party.

Art School, the non-binary queer fashion label, celebrated opening London Fashion Week Men’s.

View more 8 Jan 2020
Cockburn’s Port campaign

A peek at work by Sarah for a new Cockburn’s Christmas campaign, with Aesop Agency and Another.

View more 17 Dec 2019
West of West out in print

Sarah’s long-term personal project, West of West, is finally in print.

This body of work explores the edge of the U.S. at the end of Route 66 and Santa Monica Pier, where the great American journey west culminates. It documents Californian beach life.

The publication, by Unbound, should be available in shops from January.

5 Dec 2019
Top Boy stars

Portrait work photographing the stars of the latest Top Boy series, on Netflix. Shot for The Guardian.

View more 15 Oct 2019
Shot on an iPhone

New black and white lifestyle work, shot in Ibiza on an iPhone.

It captures sunshine, vacations and the end of adolescence.

See the new album on our site below.

View more 24 Sep 2019
TfL brand campaign

Sarah has shot Transport for London’s (TfL) new brand campaign, by creative agency VCCP.

It is now live across London. Keep an eye out at your local Tube station, bus stop or when you hop aboard.

19 Sep 2019
Wimbledon moments

Sideways glance at Wimbledon 2019 - capturing human moments away from the courts.

View more 18 Jul 2019
Rose McGowan

Portrait shoot for The Guardian with actor and activist Rose McGowan.

View more 18 Jul 2019
Segei Polunin

Exclusive backstage scenes by Sarah documenting one of the world’s top ballet dancers.

Sarah photographed Sergei Polunin and his company’s dress rehearsals ahead of their week-long stint at The London Palladium.

See below for her photo essay in The Guardian.

View more 17 Jun 2019
BAFTA highlights

It’s been BAFTA time again for Sarah.

She documented the red carpet and backstage action at this year’s TV awards with her unique approach.

View more 22 May 2019
LA life

New work by Sarah - observations around Los Angeles.

Lines and shapes of Hollywood architecture.

View more 1 May 2019
BAFTA film night

It’s awards season again and Sarah has been doing her thing.

Latest monochrome highlights from the red carpet and behind the curtain.

View more 14 Feb 2019
After-party observations

New observations capturing after-party moments.

Art school life in London.

24 Jan 2019
Portraits of Jimothy Lacoste

New portrait work for The Guardian of musician Jimothy Lacoste.

View more 15 Jan 2019
Turner Prize winner

Portraits of this year’s Turner Prize winner.

Sarah shot Charlotte Prodger for a feature in The Guardian.

View more 7 Dec 2018
Festive campaign for Visa

Sarah has been busy shooting a nationwide UK Visa campaign for Saatchi.

It’s all about championing independent shopkeepers.

The images are up on billboards across the country.

View more 6 Dec 2018
Stephen Berkoff

New portrait work by Sarah for The Guardian.

She photographed actor-playwright Stephen Berkoff, best known for his role as Bond villain General Orlov in Octopussy.

View more 20 Nov 2018
Paul Ready portrait

Portraits of actor Paul Ready for The Guardian.

Sarah shot Paul for a feature about his new role as Macbeth at London’s Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

View more 12 Nov 2018
RPS hundred heroines

Sarah has been nominated for the Royal Photographic Society’s hundred heroines campaign, celebrating women in photography today.

She did a takeover of the RPS Hundred Heroines Instagram account for the initiative, sharing work and insight on three projects, including West of West.

The campaign will culminate in a landmark exhibition.

View more 7 Nov 2018
Portraits of Maisie Williams

Portraits of Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark of Winterfell, shot by Sarah for The Guardian. This is the second time Sarah has photographed the Games of Thrones star.

View more 6 Nov 2018
Neneh Cherry

New portrait work by Sarah of singer Neneh Cherry.

Hats off to both of them for producing such beautiful shots, given that the singer’s dad had died just a few hours earlier.

View more 20 Oct 2018
Book cover for West of West

Sarah and her brilliant West of West project finally have a cover for the book version.

Thanks to all those who have pledged support, more than £25,000 has been raised to make this monograph a reality.

Crowdfunding publisher Unbound aims to release the book next spring.

West of West is all about tender, human moments that unite people. All shot at the end of Route 66, in the bleached beach sun around Santa Monica Pier.

Sarah teamed up with writer Laura Barton for the project.

View more 1 Oct 2018
Female MPs project

Sarah donned her wetsuit to photograph MP Hannah Bardell for the 209 Women project.

She was one of 209 photographers taking portraits of the 209 female MPs currently in the UK parliament, to celebrate a century of women’s suffrage.

A British Journal of Photography write-up about the project leads with Sarah’s portrait.

Sarah said: “This is the only job I’ve ever done where both me and the subject got caught in strong currents and without noticing (we were yabbering away), drifted three quarters of a mile out to sea!”

View more 25 Sep 2018
New Nighthawks work

Sarah has been out roaming London’s streets in the dead of night again.

Latest work from her ongoing project, Tender are the Nighthawks, is now up on our site.

All of the photography is captured during the hours of 2-4am, documenting people on the first or last journeys of the day, in moments where shared human connections can happen.

Take a look.

View more 12 Sep 2018
Portraits of Christian Marclay

New portrait work by Sarah.

She shot some images of visual artist Christian Marclay at Tate Modern, ahead of his new installation there, The Clock.

For more of Sarah’s portrait work follow the link below.

View more 7 Sep 2018
National Theatre interview

Sarah features in the National Theatre’s new series about photography in the arts.

Kicking off the series for World Photography Day 2018, she appears in a short video interview, talking about her relationship with the camera, shooting with a Leica and communicating emotion.

Sarah also describes how she documented the rehearsal process for Alexander Zeldin’s play, LOVE, and how he asked her to shoot it as if it was the real thing.

View more 21 Aug 2018
Summer in the city

With London still sizzling, The Guardian sent Sarah on a tour of the capital to see how city folk are coping with the hottest summer in 42 years.

Check out the shoot below.

View more 27 Jul 2018
Portrait of Britain

One of Sarah’s photographs is also among the shortlist for the BJP’s Portrait of Britain 2018.

In her inimitable observational style, Sarah beautifully captures this domestic scene. We love the inadvertent choreography in what was actually just a snatched moment during Sunday lunch.

View more 26 Jul 2018
Artist William Kentridge

New portraits of South African artist William Kentridge.

They were taken during a brief shoot at the Tate Modern as its install team worked on his new exhibition space.

View more 13 Jul 2018
Portraits of Jorja Smith

One from Sarah’s portraits shoot with musician and Brit winner Jorja Smith, for The Guardian.

View more 18 Jun 2018
Latest BAFTA work

Red carpet and behind the scenes action from Sarah, capturing the latest BAFTA TV Awards at Royal Festival Hall.

As an official BAFTA photographer, Sarah is always in the thick of things when awards time comes around again. She chooses to shoot it all in black and white.

View more 17 May 2018
Sarah M Lee joins roster

Photographer Sarah M Lee is now represented by Tea & Water Pictures.

Sarah specialises in portraiture, features and the arts but loves all photography focusing on people and their shared human experience.

She is an official BAFTA photographer and a regular for The Guardian and Observer newspapers.

View more 16 May 2018