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Sarah M Lee

It’s that time again - Sarah documents this year’s BAFTA film awards.

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Sarah M Lee

New black and white work by Sarah, shot at an Art School after-party.

Art School, the non-binary queer fashion label, celebrated opening London Fashion Week Men’s.

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Jørn Tomter

Jørn is featured in a new book, 100 Norwegian Photographers, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag.

It focuses on his ongoing I Love Chatsworth Road project.

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Greg Funnell

New automotive work, shooting the Audi Q3 SUV in Austria.

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Part two: Interview with Sophie Ebrard – from advertising exec to commercial photographer

Sophie Ebrard left the advertising industry to become a photographer a decade ago. Things quickly went her way and her work is well known across the industry.

So what’s her secret? Sophie’s pictures are indeed beautiful, timeless yet fresh, and with a colour palette so captivating it makes you want to climb inside the frame.

In the second of a two-part interview series, we talk to Sophie to find out more about her transition to photographer and director and how she got there.

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Sarah M Lee

A peek at work by Sarah for a new Cockburn’s Christmas campaign, with Aesop Agency and Another.

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Part one: Interview with Sophie Ebrard –
motherhood through a photographer’s lens

Sophie Ebrard has had a good year. Not just commercially as a photographer and director but as a human being. Her deeply personal body of work, I Didn’t Want To Be a Mum, described as the truth about motherhood, is a project that has now struck a chord with so many more people than she possibly imagined.

Initially a self-exploration, it became a form of catharsis that addressed the realities of taking on an entirely new identity: becoming a mother.

Here we share a new short film of the show that captures the essence of what viewers experienced. The exhibition premiered in Amsterdam and Sophie now hopes to bring it to other parts of the world.

We talk to Sophie about all this and more, and about how she feels for the first time her role as a photographer goes beyond photography.

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Sarah M Lee

Sarah’s long-term personal project, West of West, is finally in print.

This body of work explores the edge of the U.S. at the end of Route 66 and Santa Monica Pier, where the great American journey west culminates. It documents Californian beach life.

The publication, by Unbound, should be available in shops from January.

5 Dec 2019
Noah Sheldon

A film made by Noah with Dior’s artistic director, Kim Jones.

Created for digital video channel NOWNESS.

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Interview with BBC picture editor Phil Coomes

As a picture editor at the BBC, Phil Coomes heads up photography for online news. He’s been with the company since Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan were both in power, so he’s seen a thing or two. We were curious to know more about Phil and his long-standing career at such an iconic British institution, a place that’s been the epicentre of so much news and storytelling over the decades.

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Greg Funnell

Athlete portraits of snowboarders, shot at an Audi Nines event in Sölden, Austria.

See more of Greg’s portrait work below.

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Gabriela Herman

New work for Nikon USA.

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Sarah M Lee

Portrait work photographing the stars of the latest Top Boy series, on Netflix. Shot for The Guardian.

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Interview with Andy Adams
of FlakPhoto Projects

Andy Adams describes himself as a culture producer and digital director with a passion for visual media and creative culture. He uses digital media to promote the art and culture of photography.

His interest has always been about ways of engaging with images. And these days this includes hosting vibrant Facebook groups and curating a beautiful collection of visual works on Instagram, under FlakPhoto Projects.

We talk to this Wisconsin native about his journey to today, the Web’s potential to inspire communities and how he sees these projects as a privilege.

Read more 2 Oct 2019
Jørn Tomter

The latest issue of Jørn’s popular I Love Chatsworth Road (ILCR) mag is now out. Issue 9 is dedicated to music.

The mag is part of his ongoing ILCR project documenting the people and places that make up the heart of Jørn’s east London neighbourhood.

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Gabriela Herman

Photoshoot from a studio visit to artist Jen Wink Hays for Domino Mag.

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Greg Funnell

Behind the scenes at a military facility in Italy, shot in conjunction with Panerai watches, for Vanity Fair.

1 Oct 2019
Greg Funnell

Greg has shot part of Patagonia’s climate campaign.

The Facing Extinction campaign went live across OOH, digital and print to coincide with the 20 September Global Climate Strike.

It continues to run as global decision makers meet for the UN Climate Action Summit and during Climate Week NYC.

Greg photographed four youth climate activists for the campaign, from Extinction Rebellion (XR Youth) and Fridays for Future.

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Sarah M Lee

New black and white lifestyle work, shot in Ibiza on an iPhone.

It captures sunshine, vacations and the end of adolescence.

See the new album on our site below.

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Greg Funnell

Interview with Greg in National Geographic Traveller (UK), where he shares his tips and tales from life behind the lens.

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Sarah M Lee

Sarah has shot Transport for London’s (TfL) new brand campaign, by creative agency VCCP.

It is now live across London. Keep an eye out at your local Tube station, bus stop or when you hop aboard.

19 Sep 2019
Jens Görlich

New lifestyle travel shoot for Lufthansa, shot in Vancouver, Canada.

See more of this style on our site (link below).

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Jens Görlich

New travel work for Lufthansa - digital nomads exploring Cape Town, South Africa. See more of Jens’ style below.

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