Tea & Water Pictures

Jens Görlich

Aerial shoot in Namibia

29 Nov 2016

An aerial shoot showing the endless expanse of the Namib desert in southern Africa is the subject of Jens’ newest project.

The images, almost otherworldly or apocalyptic in appearance, offer a glimpse at the Namib’s relentlessly moving gravel plains and dunes that stretch along the entire coastline.

“I’ve been interested in shooting landscapes ever since I spent a lot of time location-scouting for famous photographers as a transition process from being an assistant to becoming a photographer myself,” says Jens.

He explains how he came across spectacular landscapes so the idea developed for a series about lonely, remote landscapes, with just a little hint at civilisation.

“That view on the world still fascinates me today,” adds Jens. “With this Namibia project, the view from the air allowed for very interesting angles. I’ve often had the chance to shoot landscapes from the sky, and I think it is a very revealing view from up there.”

“You can easily see where humans leave their footprint, or where nature is completely untouched (or has taken the land back).”