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Noah Sheldon

Ryan Hemsworth music video

7 Sep 2018

Noah has directed the music video for Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth’s Special Girl soundtrack.

He shot the video in the cultish bootcamp world of a Chinese hair and beauty school.

The single, released this week, is from Ryan’s third album, Elsewhere.

The collaboration came about after a chance meeting and mutual admiration. Everyone was on board with Noah’s vision for a ‘Bollywood style dance routine but slightly more outlandish and disjointed’.

Noah was already doing his own documentary and photo project on the training school (due out very soon) when Ryan came along.

Ryan said it was an honour working with Noah, who has a ‘unique perspective’.

He added: ‘I think it’s a wholesome, playful slong and Noah creating a dance video in a beauty college, everyone surrounded by mannequin heads, is all kind of unforgettable imagery.’

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