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Great news to see Visa’s Christmas campaign win at Cannes Lions last week.

Our photographers Jørn Tomter and Sarah M Lee shot part of the UK campaign, which is all about supporting communities and getting people back to their local high street shops.

25 Jun 2019
News: Sarah M Lee

Exclusive backstage scenes by Sarah documenting one of the world’s top ballet dancers.

Sarah photographed Sergei Polunin and his company’s dress rehearsals ahead of their week-long stint at The London Palladium.

See below for her photo essay in The Guardian.

17 Jun 2019
News: Jørn Tomter

Great to see Jørn among The Pitch Fanzine’s picks for top creative talent.

He is featured in the magazine’s special issue, Pitch Creative Talent, showcasing what it describes as ‘stand-out creative talent making their mark right now’.

14 Jun 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Read Greg’s latest blog post for some insight on the challenges of a tricky travel shoot in Sierra Leone.

He talks about his approach and experience documenting the life and landscapes of oyster farmers in the country’s remote Bonthe Island.

11 Jun 2019
News: Jens Görlich

Jens has been busy shooting landscapes around the world.

It includes aerial work from Vancouver.

See more below.

22 May 2019
News: Jens Görlich

Epic new landscape work by Jens, shot in Germany.

See more of these in his albums.

22 May 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Jørn is among the winners for this year’s Portrait of Humanity, run by 1854 Media, with this ‘Ghanaian Astronaut’ photograph.

It is from the Cosmo Kids project, a collaboration with creative director Thomas Ollivier, about the power of children’s imaginations and dreams.

Jørn shot a series of portraits of children from different countries dressed in space suits.

22 May 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Greg’s Sierra Leone work has put him among the finalists for this year’s AOP (The Association of Photographers) awards.

He travelled to the remote Bonthe Island to document oyster farming and how a programme to make it a sustainable source of food and local income has developed.

To find out more about Greg’s experiences on this assignment and his photographic approaches, follow the link below to his blog post.

22 May 2019
News: Sarah M Lee

It’s been BAFTA time again for Sarah.

She documented the red carpet and backstage action at this year’s TV awards with her unique approach.

22 May 2019
News: Surya Balakrishnan

Latest ad work for online food delivery company Swiggy.

Directed by Surya as part of a series of commercial films.

1 May 2019
News: Greg Funnell

New portrait work by Greg.

1 May 2019
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse’s shoot with Hernan del Valle in the latest issue of Harvard’s Radcliffe Magazine.

Hernan is a respected humanitarian aid expert.

1 May 2019
News: Surya Balakrishnan

Surya has directed a series of ad films for online food delivery company Swiggy, in India.

Watch the first one below.

1 May 2019
News: Sarah M Lee

New work by Sarah - observations around Los Angeles.

Lines and shapes of Hollywood architecture.

1 May 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Great press for Greg’s Gaucho project in The Guardian.

1 May 2019
News: Jesse Burke

New work by Jesse for Fruit Of The Loom.

All about soft cotton for tough kids.

1 May 2019
News: Surya Balakrishnan

Another new ad film for Surya.

This time For Kashmir Cooking Oil.

Watch it below.

1 May 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Shooting snow polo in St Moritz, Switzerland, for Gentleman’s Journal.

Follow the link below for more of Greg’s active work.

9 Apr 2019
News: Jesse Burke

An image from Jesse’s Wild & Precious project has been accepted into American Photography 35.

A sourcebook for the year’s best photos, AP 35 comes out later this year in a printed book and online.

9 Apr 2019
News: Gabriela Herman

More footwear shoots for New York’s The Cut column.

This time it’s U.S. TV and radio host Bevy Smith.

9 Apr 2019
News: Gabriela Herman

Designer Isaac Mizrahi shot for United Airlines’ Hemispheres magazine.

9 Apr 2019
News: Surya Balakrishnan

Surya’s film for YouTube is now out.

It’s all about the channel’s social impact initiative to support women across the globe in science and technology.

9 Apr 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Shoot with business editor Sarah Gordon, for the Financial Times, on her insights after 20 years at the newspaper.

9 Apr 2019
News: Greg Funnell

New work shooting champion triathlete Sebastian Kienle for Red Bull’s mag, The Red Bulletin.

9 Apr 2019
News: Micheal McLaughlin

Micheal has shot new campaign work for a leading global building materials and solutions company.

The photography is part of LafargeHolcim’s ongoing brand campaign taking a closer look at key global infrastructure projects.

Micheal’s work involved shoots in more than a dozen locations forming part of the Kenya Standard Gauge Railway project.

21 Mar 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Campaign shoot for Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth’s new health and fitness app, Centrfit.

Shot on location at Blok London.

28 Feb 2019
Interview with Guy Martin

British documentary photographer Guy Martin was on his way to becoming a semi pro surfer before photography came along, propelling him into a very different world: one of revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, and other places in periods of transition. But then came a near-death experience while covering the Libyan uprising in 2011. Guy’s injuries were so bad that he had to learn to walk again and also re-find his photographic focus.

Read more 19 Feb 2019
News: Sarah M Lee

It’s awards season again and Sarah has been doing her thing.

Latest monochrome highlights from the red carpet and behind the curtain.

14 Feb 2019
News: Jens Görlich

New work shot for Lufthansa magazine.

The story documents one of the world’s most unusual airports, based at Barra beach, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

It’s the only beach airport globally for scheduled flights.

14 Feb 2019
News: Noah Sheldon

Latest film from Noah’s ongoing series of video documentaries bringing life to the labour market in China.

Live Streamer, part of Work-is, tells the story of Jing Zi, one of a growing number of Internet personalities who has made her career from live-streaming.

Tens of thousands of people tune in daily to watch her broadcast live from a phone in Beijing.

Click the link below to watch the film.

31 Jan 2019
News: Noah Sheldon

Short film about a wig factory, as Noah continues to document jobs in China.

Click on the link below to see the film.

28 Jan 2019
News: Sarah M Lee

New observations capturing after-party moments.

Art school life in London.

24 Jan 2019
News: Greg Funnell

Cover shoot for Red Bulletin on the world’s most advanced jet suit and its lone British inventor.

Greg spent time with Richard Browning, of Gravity, at a secret Wiltshire test centre.

By all accounts a crazy but fascinating shoot to undertake.

24 Jan 2019
News: Gabriela Herman

New outdoor work shot for Better Homes and Gardens, featuring the 170-acre Naples Botanical Garden in Florida.

24 Jan 2019
News: Gabriela Herman

Latest work in a series of shoots for New York mag’s The Cut column.

It’s all about focusing on what people wear to work. And this time it’s a portrait of Mimi Valdés, chief creative officer of Pharrell’s i am OTHER company.

21 Jan 2019
News: Jesse Burke

Cover shoot for Brown Alumni Magazine.

Portraits of climate scientist Bathsheba Demuth are in the latest issue.

17 Jan 2019
News: Sarah M Lee

New portrait work for The Guardian of musician Jimothy Lacoste.

15 Jan 2019
News: Jesse Burke

Outdoor work by Jesse documenting summer moments in Cape Cod.

1 Jan 2019
News: Jesse Burke

Latest outdoor work by Jesse.

The images are part of a story for Rhode Island Monthly, focusing on a new generation of farmers.

29 Dec 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Portraits from Greg’s shoot for non profit Peace Direct and Away.

The work focused on the refugee crisis and plight of Muslim minorities after the Marawi conflict in the Philippines.

23 Dec 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

The first in a series of shoots for New York mag’s The Cut column, on what to wear when you work in an art museum.

20 Dec 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

The Christmas issue of Jørn’s popular I Love Chatsworth Road mag is now out.

It includes more drone shots taken of his local community.

19 Dec 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Beautiful portraits of Maria Alia for Bloomberg Businessweek.

The new work is for a fashion focused story about how modesty is having its moment.

19 Dec 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Great interview and photo feature for Greg in World Photography Organisation.

It talks all about taking images people want to keep.

19 Dec 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Greg went behind the scenes of English National Ballet’s festive Nutcracker.

Featured in The Sunday Times Magazine.

19 Dec 2018
Interview with Oli Kellett

Oli Kellett is a self-taught British photographer based in Hasting, UK. After starting his career as a creative in the advertising industry, Oli’s passion for photography took him behind the camera creating conceptual imagery for many campaigns. For the past two years, Oli has focused his time on Cross Road Blues, an ongoing project using large format photography to capture people at urban intersections as they navigate their lives.

Read more 13 Dec 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Stunning new work by Jens shooting travellers exploring the American West.

13 Dec 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Delighted to share Greg’s new Gaucho project.

It looks at a unique, timeless tradition in Argentina, not often seen by outsiders. The project celebrates heritage and a self-sustaining lifestyle, full of mystery and myth.

Gaucho is out now to buy in book form via Greg’s website. Highlights are also in the latest issue of Avaunt Magazine.

12 Dec 2018
News: Surya Balakrishnan

New TV ad directed by Surya for Shoppers Stop in Mumbai.

Created for agency Contract Advertising.

7 Dec 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Portraits of this year’s Turner Prize winner.

Sarah shot Charlotte Prodger for a feature in The Guardian.

7 Dec 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Inside the Chanel Métiers d’Art show and after-party.

Dolly documented behind the scenes moments for Vanity Fair.

6 Dec 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn has also shot work for Visa’s UK Christmas campaign.

He photographed more than 30 independent shop owners around London, the Midlands and beyond.

The campaign, a Saatchi commission, is all about encouraging people to shop on their local high street.

Billboards can now be seen up and down the country.

6 Dec 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Sarah has been busy shooting a nationwide UK Visa campaign for Saatchi.

It’s all about championing independent shopkeepers.

The images are up on billboards across the country.

6 Dec 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly documented Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art Show for Vanity Fair.

6 Dec 2018
News: Mariella Furrer

Work for Northern Rangelands Trust, which supports community conservation across Kenya.

Its work is all about peace efforts, empowering local people to take charge of their wild spaces, and building sustainable economies linked to conservation.

To find out more about supporting the trust, click on the link below.

23 Nov 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

Great press for Jørn’s I Love Chatsworth Road project on A Photo Editor’s site.

The latest ILCR mag issue is featured on The Daily Promo, including a short interview all about the project.

A Photo Editor comes from Rob Haggart, former director of photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

21 Nov 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

A shoot for Condé Nast Traveler took Gabriela to the colourful Navajo Nation land.

She captured some fabulous portrait and landscape work around the Navajo Intertribal Pow Wow.

20 Nov 2018
News: Surya Balakrishnan

Surya has directed a TV commercial for Vodafone.

It’s about the telecommunication giant’s new Sakhi app, a safety net that empowers and encourages many more women to work towards their dreams, giving them more confidence to travel away from their homes to work and study.

Most of the HODs for the commercial were women.

Watch the film below.

20 Nov 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

New portrait work by Sarah for The Guardian.

She photographed actor-playwright Stephen Berkoff, best known for his role as Bond villain General Orlov in Octopussy.

20 Nov 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela’s latest shoot for The New York Times Style Magazine took her ingredient-hunting in the Massachussets woods.

She photographed Yael Alkalay, founder of beauty brand red flower. See the article and more images below.

20 Nov 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Portraits of actor Paul Ready for The Guardian.

Sarah shot Paul for a feature about his new role as Macbeth at London’s Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

12 Nov 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Sarah has been nominated for the Royal Photographic Society’s hundred heroines campaign, celebrating women in photography today.

She did a takeover of the RPS Hundred Heroines Instagram account for the initiative, sharing work and insight on three projects, including West of West.

The campaign will culminate in a landmark exhibition.

7 Nov 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

The seventh issue of Jørn’s I Love Chatsworth Road magazine is now out.

Around 5000 copies were hand-delivered to local households and businesses in the area. Mostly by Jørn on his bicycle!

That’s some serious community commitment.

6 Nov 2018
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse is featured in Cause of a Kind’s hero spotlight. He talks about life behind the lens, his passion for nature and exploring the wild with his family, plus some of the challenges he has faced on his photographic journey.

Cause of a Kind is a publication that aims to feature ‘amazing people, pursuing amazing goals, who have a focus on reducing their own environmental impact’. Go Jesse!

6 Nov 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Portraits of Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark of Winterfell, shot by Sarah for The Guardian. This is the second time Sarah has photographed the Games of Thrones star.

6 Nov 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

New portrait work by Sarah of singer Neneh Cherry.

Hats off to both of them for producing such beautiful shots, given that the singer’s dad had died just a few hours earlier.

20 Oct 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Inside this year’s Vanity Fair Best-Dressed party, thanks to Dolly’s coverage.

Pictured is U.S. rapper Diggy Simmons. Follow the link below for more highlights.

8 Oct 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Jens give us a view of air travel from the pilot’s seat in a shoot for Lufthansa.

Follow the link below for more of Jens’ Lufthansa work.

4 Oct 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly’s portrait of singer Cardi B for Rolling Stone is now online.

It’s part of a feature on 25 artists with unexpected ties to Tennessee.

1 Oct 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Sarah and her brilliant West of West project finally have a cover for the book version.

Thanks to all those who have pledged support, more than £25,000 has been raised to make this monograph a reality.

Crowdfunding publisher Unbound aims to release the book next spring.

West of West is all about tender, human moments that unite people. All shot at the end of Route 66, in the bleached beach sun around Santa Monica Pier.

Sarah teamed up with writer Laura Barton for the project.

1 Oct 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Great spread for Dolly in Milan-based publication, C 41 Magazine, on her Dolly Does Vegas project.

The project explores the surreal world of Vegas, with all its colour, faux architecture and vices.

1 Oct 2018
News: Micheal McLaughlin

Micheal has been exploring the community of Rhode Island, documenting local people’s lifelong careers and passions.

Among the stories of people with special connections to their communities are local legend Bob Dickerman (pictured) and Micheal’s own brother, Mark McLaughlin, associate head of school and baseball coach at Providence Country Day School.

Mark has coached baseball at Providence for 25 years with Bob, who has coached at the school since 1957 and is a legend in New England baseball. He has been a mentor to Mark for many years and still throws batting practice in his 80s.

In summer, they coach a team together in the Connie Mack League, an amateur baseball league. Baseball keeps them both young and involved in a game they love.

26 Sep 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn was lucky enough to shoot the new BMW i8 Roadster for AD Germany.

The images were taken at night on London’s streets, around Hackney Wick, Leyton and the Olympic Park.

Jørn photographed well-known designer and engineer Moritz Waldemeyer as part of the assignment.

26 Sep 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Sarah donned her wetsuit to photograph MP Hannah Bardell for the 209 Women project.

She was one of 209 photographers taking portraits of the 209 female MPs currently in the UK parliament, to celebrate a century of women’s suffrage.

A British Journal of Photography write-up about the project leads with Sarah’s portrait.

Sarah said: “This is the only job I’ve ever done where both me and the subject got caught in strong currents and without noticing (we were yabbering away), drifted three quarters of a mile out to sea!”

25 Sep 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

More work by Dolly for design label Opening Ceremony and its latest NYFW show.

By all accounts an unforgettable campaign, The Gift of Showz, was a co-creation of OC and New York’s drag communnity.

Dolly documented it all in her usual inimitable style.

24 Sep 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Sarah has been out roaming London’s streets in the dead of night again.

Latest work from her ongoing project, Tender are the Nighthawks, is now up on our site.

All of the photography is captured during the hours of 2-4am, documenting people on the first or last journeys of the day, in moments where shared human connections can happen.

Take a look.

12 Sep 2018
Interview with Greg Miller

American photographer Greg Miller considers himself more of a fine artist with a commercial career. He uses the serendipity of chance meetings with strangers and large format street photography to build insightful, narrative photographs.

From Nashville to New York and now Connecticut, Greg has moved between small town life and the throngs of city living. He’s always gravitated towards …

Read more 10 Sep 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

New portrait work by Sarah.

She shot some images of visual artist Christian Marclay at Tate Modern, ahead of his new installation there, The Clock.

For more of Sarah’s portrait work follow the link below.

7 Sep 2018
News: Noah Sheldon

Noah has directed the music video for Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth’s Special Girl soundtrack.

He shot the video in the cultish bootcamp world of a Chinese hair and beauty school.

The single, released this week, is from Ryan’s third album, Elsewhere.

The collaboration came about after a chance meeting and mutual admiration. Everyone was on board with Noah’s vision for a ‘Bollywood style dance routine but slightly more outlandish and disjointed’.

Noah was already doing his own documentary and photo project on the training school (due out very soon) when Ryan came along.

Ryan said it was an honour working with Noah, who has a ‘unique perspective’.

He added: ‘I think it’s a wholesome, playful slong and Noah creating a dance video in a beauty college, everyone surrounded by mannequin heads, is all kind of unforgettable imagery.’

7 Sep 2018
News: Jesse Burke

Thrilled to see Jesse and his work featured again in Outside magazine.

‘Rewilding the American Child’ interviews Jesse’s about his relationship with his daughter Clover and the camera while exploring the natural world.

Jesse talks about how he went from being Clover’s director to her collaborator, and learnt to follow her and her sisters’ leads.

Read more from the interview and see some images below.

7 Sep 2018
News: Jens Görlich

A shoot for Auer Packaging took Jens to the beautiful landscapes of Bavaria.

See below for more of the results.

7 Sep 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

Issue 7 of Jørn’s popular I Love Chatsworth Road magazine is now out.

The mag is part of an ongoing project to document the community on his doorstep in east London.

A long-term focus, Jørn continues to photograph old and new faces and places in the neighbourhood.

A launch party to celebrate the new issue takes place at Jim’s Café, on Chatsworth Road, on 6 September.

6 Sep 2018
News: Greg Funnell

New images by Greg from his trip to Sierra Leone for The Sunday Times Magazine.

His assignment was to document how oyster farmers from Kent are out in Sierra Leone, sharing their shucking expertise with local fishermen.

This new body of work also documents life around Bonthe Island, on Sherbro River Delta, while he was there.

‘It was amazing and quite challenging to be working somewhere so remote, only accessible by boat,’ said Greg.

6 Sep 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Epic new aerial work by Jens capturing some of the magic and iconic landmarks in Los Angeles.

They were all shot from a helicopter.

6 Sep 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Sarah features in the National Theatre’s new series about photography in the arts.

Kicking off the series for World Photography Day 2018, she appears in a short video interview, talking about her relationship with the camera, shooting with a Leica and communicating emotion.

Sarah also describes how she documented the rehearsal process for Alexander Zeldin’s play, LOVE, and how he asked her to shoot it as if it was the real thing.

21 Aug 2018
News: Surya Balakrishnan

Surya has directed a campaign film for United Colors of Benetton, to mark 72 years of independence in India.

The film, really a social experiment campaign, is about showcasing the country’s diversity.

It interweaves the social norms of its older and younger generations, and highlights how young people are paving the way for a united future.

21 Aug 2018
Conversation with Tim Flach

World-renowned photographer Tim Flach is fascinated by how humans shape animals and shape their meaning, and likes to explore how imagery can be used to foster an emotional connection. He brings to life the complexity of the animal kingdom in a highly conceptual and incredibly unique style. He believes emotions and feelings are a vital part of telling stories and says ‘sometimes the best science has to be put in a form that …

Read more 30 Jul 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

With London still sizzling, The Guardian sent Sarah on a tour of the capital to see how city folk are coping with the hottest summer in 42 years.

Check out the shoot below.

27 Jul 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

One of Sarah’s photographs is also among the shortlist for the BJP’s Portrait of Britain 2018.

In her inimitable observational style, Sarah beautifully captures this domestic scene. We love the inadvertent choreography in what was actually just a snatched moment during Sunday lunch.

26 Jul 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Thrilled to hear Greg’s entries for this year’s BJP Portrait of Britain have all made the shortlist.

What’s more, they are also part of the first ever Portrait of Britain book, published by Hoxton Mini Press and now available to buy online.

They include the late Stephen Hawking, Lady Avon (Clarissa Eden) and a forge worker from Black Isle Bronze.

26 Jul 2018
News: Jesse Burke

Latest work by Jesse shooting a family road trip around Arizona for Fatherly, in collaboration with Go RVing.

13 Jul 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Latest travel and lifestyle work by Greg featuring luxury hotel Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

Highlights from the shoot appear in issue 27 of Gentleman’s Journal.

13 Jul 2018
News: Micheal McLaughlin

Micheal is currently exhibiting at New York’s Robin Rice Gallery.

It will be his 21st appearance at the annual summertime salon. Catch the exhibition now until 23 September.

13 Jul 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

New portraits of South African artist William Kentridge.

They were taken during a brief shoot at the Tate Modern as its install team worked on his new exhibition space.

13 Jul 2018
Interview with Surya Balakrishnan

Surya Balakrishnan is a commercial and documentary director. She is admired for her ability to tell profoundly deep stories with casts that can include professional actors and people who have never been in front of a camera.

Her ability to create commercials and films that reveal their characters’ fine emotions, especially connected to challenging topics, makes her a sought after director.

Surya has created commercials for …

Read more 12 Jul 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly shot some great festival fashion at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware.

10 Jul 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Great spread for Dolly’s sumo wrestling shoot featured in Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

The images were taken during the ‘Sumo + Sushi’ event, at the Playstation Theater in New York.

4 Jul 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Greg shot some portrait and landscape work in Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands, while on assignment for Norwegian and Ink.

25 Jun 2018
News: Micheal McLaughlin

Micheal shot images at the legendary Gleason’s Gym, in DUMBO, New York, to accompany an interview with owner Bruce Silverglade, about its history and what sport in cities can do for communities.

Here’s one from the shoot of Bruce at the gym.

18 Jun 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

One from Sarah’s portraits shoot with musician and Brit winner Jorja Smith, for The Guardian.

18 Jun 2018
News: Jesse Burke

With the Visit Rhode Island tourism campaign now live in the area, here’s some more of Jesse’s photographs from the shoot.

18 Jun 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly is exhibiting at The Red Room in New York’s east village throughout July.

Photos from the city’s Pride Parade are among the work on show.

15 Jun 2018
Interview with Sarah M Lee

For Sarah M Lee, portraiture, features and the arts are often her focus but she loves all photography exploring people and our shared human experience. Her photographs are often a study of the in between moments of human proximity. The stories framed in her images range from the dramatic to the extremely poetic.

Away from commercial work, Sarah is an official BAFTA photographer and a seasoned regular for The Guardian …

Read more 25 May 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

In a shoot for Norwegian magazine D2, Jørn has photographed U.S. rapper Trippie Redd, one of the most exciting emerging music talents in the world right now.

25 May 2018
News: Noah Sheldon

In another score for Noah’s Work-is film series, his Taobao Model short is in LE PETIT CANNES Film Festival, running parallel with the famous annual Festival de Cannes.

Taobao Model documents the life of a model working for China’s largest online shopping site.

LE PETIT CANNES describes itself as a celebration of small films with big talent. Go Noah!

17 May 2018
News: Noah Sheldon

Noah’s short film, Styrofoam Collector, has made it into the Construir Cine Labor International Film Festival in Buenos Aires.

It shows the tough daily life of a migrant worker in Shanghai who makes her living selling Styrofoam.

In an almost circus-style balancing act, she transports dozens of bundles on her bicycle for hours on end every day.

The film is part of Noah’s ongoing video documentary series, Work-is, about the labour market in China.

17 May 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Red carpet and behind the scenes action from Sarah, capturing the latest BAFTA TV Awards at Royal Festival Hall.

As an official BAFTA photographer, Sarah is always in the thick of things when awards time comes around again. She chooses to shoot it all in black and white.

17 May 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly snapped American rapper Cardi B in designs by Moschino’s Jeremy Scott, for The New York Times.

She captured the duo preparing for the Met Gala.

17 May 2018
Interview with Greg Funnell

Greg Funnell is a photographer who can equally look into the soul of a person or the spirit of a car. His work might look casual but is shot with extreme precision and love for detail. He shoots in a signature documentary style with great commercial sensibility, capturing the often unseen in both black and white and colour.

From a background in war and history studies at university to photojournalism, Greg now works globally …

Read more 16 May 2018
News: Sarah M Lee

Photographer Sarah M Lee is now represented by Tea & Water Pictures.

Sarah specialises in portraiture, features and the arts but loves all photography focusing on people and their shared human experience.

She is an official BAFTA photographer and a regular for The Guardian and Observer newspapers.

16 May 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Latest food photography by Gabriela published in The New York Times, featuring Taiwanese newcomer Ho Foods.

7 May 2018
News: Greg Funnell

Greg has joined the roster of photographers at Tea & Water Pictures.

A global advertising and editorial photographer, he joins us with a wealth of experience and big brands to his name.

He shoots in a signature documentary style with great commercial sensibility, often focusing on travel, lifestyle and adventure.

4 May 2018
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn has been busy shooting for new venture Market Halls, an ambitious food hall project across London bringing together established restaurant names, street food stalwarts and emerging pop-ups.

He has photographed many of these new eateries opening at the first spot in Fulham.

Among them is Calcutta Canteen, the new offering from Carnaby favourite Darjeeling Express.

4 May 2018
News: Noah Sheldon

Noah spent time documenting the work of global NGO Teach for All in Colombia, which helps children to reach their full potential.

Through a network of partner organisations in 48 countries, Teach for All focuses on children around the world who lack the education, support and opportunity they need to thrive.

4 May 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela explored Canada’s remote Magdalen Islands, capturing some lovely colours and local life for Condé Nast Traveler.

20 Apr 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Gorgeous new work by Dolly capturing the beauty and colour at the New York Botanical Garden orchid show. Some absolute stunners in there.

20 Apr 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Heavenly food photography by Gabriela for The New York Times, featuring Brooklyn newcomer, Claro restaurant.

20 Apr 2018
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse has shot a new campaign for Rhode Island Tourism.

He uses his signature skills with outdoor photography to beautifully capture and spirit and landscapes of this New England destination.

12 Apr 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela has contributed some stunning work to powerhouse Martha Stewart’s new book, Martha’s Flowers.

Gabriela got to snoop around her garden while shooting for the publication.

28 Mar 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Gorgeous portraits by Gabriela of actress Rosie Perez, shot for The New York Times.

For more of Gabriela’s work, click on the link below.

28 Mar 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Jens has been busy with CGI layouts for Lufthansa’s plane livery, created to launch the airline’s new branding.

28 Mar 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Brilliantly bold new work from Dolly’s shoot of the ‘Sumo + Sushi’ event at New York’s Playstation Theater.

She has been sharing some highlights in a takeover of The New Yorker’s Instagram account.

‘I loved this idea of presenting a ritual that is thousands of years old through a modern lens under Broadway lights,’ says Dolly.

I was mesmerised by the fluid, unconventional shapes in this spectacle…and used their forms as a canvas for colour.’

22 Mar 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Jens has been busy shooting some beautiful landscape scenes in Namibia.

Click on the link below to see more of his global landscapes series.

15 Mar 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Sublime new aerial images from Jens over the Florida Keys.
See the link below for more of his global landscapes.

14 Mar 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Amazing new images by Jens from his shoot of the German aircraft transporter, Junkers 52, for Lufthansa’s Miles & More.

14 Mar 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly made the front page of The New York Times with this magical image from designer Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week FW18 runway show.
Go Dolly!

14 Mar 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela captures the true spirit and beauty of landscapes and special places with her latest travel images from Long Island’s North Fork.
Follow the link below for more travel and landscape photography by Gabriela.

14 Mar 2018
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse has been shooting the breathtaking landscapes of Vancouver.

He shows off a great knack for poetic beauty with this image.

1 Mar 2018
News: Jens Görlich

Jens has added some stunning new desertscapes to his human traces series. The series is all about lonely, remote landscapes with just a hint of civilisation in them. These latest images are from Namibia.

1 Mar 2018
News: Noah Sheldon

One of Noah’s short documentary films is in the 2018 Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

Slamdance describes itself as a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking.

It will be showing Noah’s film about the life of a model working for Taobao, China’s largest online shopping site.

The Taobao film is part of Noah’s wider Work-is series bringing to life modern jobs in China, another talent he focuses on outside of his photography.

This one captures Pin’er during a day of shooting, which included more than 150 outfit changes over the course of 13 hours – a fairly typical day for her.

25 Jan 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly is part of a a new group exhibition at The Untitled Space, an art gallery in Tribeca, New York.
This image from her coverage of a celeb-studded danceathon by Opening Ceremony and grassroots organisation Swing Left is in the show, ‘One Year of Resistance’, until 4 February.

18 Jan 2018
News: Dolly Faibyshev

An image from Dolly’s NYFW coverage has been selected as one of the remarkable photos from 2017 by The New York Times.

It shows model Karlie Kloss rehearsing for designer Brandon Maxwell’s spring ‘18 collection show, at Doubles, in New York’s Sherry Netherland hotel.

“I’m honoured to be included with so many beautiful photos by such talented photographers,” says Dolly.

3 Jan 2018
News: Gabriela Herman

New pictures from Gabriela portraying beautiful human connections between parent and child.

See more from her shoot for non-profit organisation Nurse-Family Partnership, which works to transform the lives of babies and first-time mums.

Her images help to highlight the work of its community health programme in the U.S., which is all about creating better futures.

19 Dec 2017
News: Everyone

It’s been a busy year for our photographers. There have been collaborations with the likes of Ford, Honda, Siemens, Lufthansa, and design label Open Ceremony.

And away from photography (but we are just as proud of him), there has been more recognition for Christopher LaMarca’s filmmaking skills, with documentary film Boone.

As 2017 comes to an end, we wanted to share some of these highlights. So check out the private gallery in the link below.

In the meantime, happy holidays and have a great New Year.

Photo credit is Jens Görlich, one from his landscapes series.

19 Dec 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn is teaming up with fellow Norwegian photographer Nina Rangøy for a narrative portrait workshop in Hackney, London, from 22-26 February 2018.

They will show you how to connect quickly, have a vision and create quality portraits that tell a story.

“This will be a challenging workshop where we invite you to venture outside your comfort zone,’ they say.

Rebecca McClelland, former picture editor at The Sunday Times and New Statesman magazines, will also visit as a bonus guest lecturer. She is currently deputy director and curator of The Ian Parry scholarship for young photographers.

Like Nina, Jørn has shot portraits for many years through assignments for newspapers, advertising, business, traditional photo studio photography and personal projects.

You can sign up for the workshop now.

7 Dec 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly has been busy shooting design label Opening Ceremony’s danceathon, with Mark Ronson among the DJs.

Dance Left was hosted by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, from OC, at Spring Studios in New York, in aid of Swing Left, a grassroots organisation working to swing the U.S. House of Representatives blue in 2018.

‘It was inspiring to see so many young people uniting and getting involved,’ says Dolly. Among the faces were actresses Clare Danes, Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Lyonne, Chloë Sevigny and Amber Tamblyn, plus plenty of funky fashion people ‘dancing their asses off all night’, adds Dolly.

6 Dec 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Tea & Water Pictures is excited to announce a new photography and magazine project, I Love Shrewsbury.

It follows on from Jørn’s super successful (and still ongoing) I Love Chatsworth Road project, and marks the second chapter in his photo stories about local people and everyday lives.

Like ILCR, it’s about bridging community gaps and connecting people, and documenting a geographical area.

Tea & Water Pictures is working in collaboration with Jørn and Shrewsbury producer, Sam Pooley, from PS wecreate to put it together.

“We aim to chronicle Shrewsbury’s rich history, heritage and charm, but also the changes going on as it becomes more culturally diverse,” says Jørn. “It should be a valuable archive of this town, something for future generations. But also a way to connect people.”

As part of the project, specially-illustrated, charity tea towels of Shrewsbury Coffee House have been made. They are designed by Cherie Jerrard and being sold in aid of homeless charity The Shrewsbury Ark.

The first ILS magazine is due to be published in early 2018.

4 Dec 2017
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse has had the chance to shoot legendary biologist and storyteller Bernd Heinrich for U.S. magazine Outside.

“I stayed in his cabin and got to know Bernd and his life and land,’ says Jesse. “It was an incredible opportunity.”

“Bernd is a true naturalist and lives off the grid in Maine on 650 acres. No electricity, no road access, just him, his wife and the woods. You will want to read his books and this story.”

Jesse travelled up to Maine a few times to photograph Bernd, also an ultramarathoner, capturing him at home in the wild, holding a raven’s skull and bear-hugging a 50ft pine tree to inspect a crow’s nest at the very top.

17 Nov 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela has been lucky enough to meet and photograph renowned primatologist and conservationist Dr Jane Goodall for The New York Times.

‘What an incredible woman…truly an honour and inspiration,” says Gabriela.

“At 83, she still knows how to ham it up [during press interviews] and charm those around her.”

Jane founded global conservation organisation the Jane Goodall Institute, which operates in around 35 countries.

It empowers people to make a difference for all living things and has become a leader in innovative conservation approaches that better the lives of local people.

26 Oct 2017
News: Micheal McLaughlin

Micheal has been shooting drive technology at Siemens’ historic factory in Ohio and the workers behind it.

His photos include some really quite beautiful images of machinery at the Norwood manufacturing plant, one of Siemens’ oldest facilities globally.

Micheal’s assignment was to show how its current American workers are trained, and the apprentice programmes making them technically adept.

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of shooting on location is that you never quite know what you will find,” he says.

“And there is almost always someone or something unexpectedly wonderful that shows up.”

The factory makes electric motors used in rail systems and oil, gas and chemical power generation.

It dates back to 1898 and is currently undergoing a $14 million investment in new equipment and machinery.

See more of Micheal’s work below.

18 Oct 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

More models, clothes and catwalk fun from New York Fashion Week by Dolly.

Highlights included shooting backstage at the Fenty X Puma Show for singer Rihanna’s new beauty brand Fenty, where it was all BMX bikes and pink sand dunes.

Dolly also photographed top designer Brandon Maxwell’s spring 18 collection at New York institution The Sherry-Netherland Hotel.

Also for The New York Times, Dolly captured some of those in-between moments away from the catwalk in ‘Off the Runway’, where she raced around to different shows in the city.

6 Oct 2017
News: Noah Sheldon

Noah has shot portraits across three U.S. cities for car maker Ford’s ‘city of tomorrow’ symposium.

The images of people in San Francisco, Chicago and New York were used to demonstrate the human side of cities at the event in San Francisco, on the future of mobility.

Ford is positioning itself as a thought leader on the future of our urban environments.

Noah’s images were on display to hundreds of experts, academics, policymakers and urban planners at the symposium.

‘My pictures were meant to set the tone for the conversations,’ says Noah. ‘I was asked to photograph people that make up a city. They were all wonderful places to shoot and it was a really great experience; people were so open.’

Topics included what our cities would look like if we completely reimagined our streets, preparing for a world of self-driving cars, and how to have a smart city you need to get transportation right first.

2 Oct 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

PDN online has featured a great article on Gabriela and the making of long term personal project, The Kids.

Gabriela is interviewed about the motivation behind The Kids, which is about adult children of gay parents, and how it has evolved.

The project includes portraits of people raised in this environment and interviews about their recollections.

It was borne out of Gabriela’s own personal experience, and in PDN she also talks of how the process of meeting her subjects was therapeutic.

27 Sep 2017
News: Mariella Furrer

Mariella has been in Tanzania shooting at a shelter for trafficked girls.

The assignment took her to Spring of Hope, run by Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI), an international organisation for the poor and marginalised.

DMI offers counselling, healthcare, education and job training for these rescued girls. “Most were brought to the city with promises of education or paid work,” says Mariella.

“Instead, they found themselves working for no pay, beaten, raped and forced to provide sexual favours.

“The horrifying realisation was that all these abuses were facilitated thanks to women in positions of power.”

She adds: “In most cases, the girls continue to live at Spring of Hope because they do not know anyone in the city to help them. They have no relatives or friends.”

Mariella also interviewed some of the girls and local woman Flora, who has rescued more than a dozen children from the street.

27 Sep 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly got behind the scenes with Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Jonze at New York Fashion Week to shoot final rehearsals and the premiere of his first longer dance piece.
She photographed Changers: A Dance Story, which premiered as design label Opening Ceremony’s fashion week presentation.
“It was a huge honour and pleasure working with Opening Ceremony, Spike, and the amazing cast and crew,” says Dolly. “I was so incredibly moved by the performance. It was a privilege to witness this collaboration come together and have the chance to document it.”
Dolly captured actors Lakeith Stanfield and Mia Wasikowska in the 30-minute show, also in collaboration with choreographer Ryan Heffington.
The images mark a new phase of Dolly’s work, with a departure from her signature kaleidoscopic style to something much more minimal.

21 Sep 2017
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse has travelled around the eastern U.S. to document what fatherhood means today in an assignment for Honda and online content site Fatherly.

He photographed and interviewed all types of fellow dads and their children for the shoot, which is now published in Fatherly.

“It was an honour to be asked to document other fathers,” says Jesse. “The conversations we had, father to father, about how to raise children, best approaches, worst scenarios, and our most meaningful experiences are what I will always remember from the shoot.”

“It was a really unifying universal experience, and that was something I didn’t expect. Being a dad is a pretty general thing, but when you get dads together and talk about fatherhood in a deep and meaningful way, it can be quite magical.”

The Fatherly article is produced in partnership with Honda and its new Odyssey minivan.

15 Sep 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

An image from Jørn’s I Love Chatsworth Road project has made it into the British Journal of Photography’s prestigious Portrait of Britain.

His picture has been selected from more than 8000 entries to be among just 100 photos showcased in streets, transport hubs and shopping malls across Britain during September.

The digital exhibition, on JCDecaux screens in partnership with Nikon, celebrates the country’s people, reflecting identity and our place in the wider world.

“It is a great honour to be part of the exhibition,” says Jørn.

His portrait captures a group of siblings in Clapton, London, waiting for their mum to come home.

‘I saw them there on the stairs in this amazing light. I knew I only had a few minutes to get this photo before the sun set.”

“I really like a community when people hang out outside their homes,’ he adds.

7 Sep 2017
Interview with Micheal McLaughlin

A third-generation Brooklynite, photographer Micheal McLaughlin focuses on people and technology in an ever-changing world. He is an amazing talent who has worked on some of the world’s most iconic brands, and featured in almost every publication that matters, travelling to more than 40 countries. He makes some very challenging assignments look effortless and also has the reputation for being one of the nicest people …

Read more 6 Sep 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly injects her usual eye-catching colour palette into island life on St Barts in a shoot for French magazine Le Monde.

Her captivating images of the French West Indies island have appeared online and in print.

Describing the assignment, Dolly says: “After experiencing St. Barts for the first time, I now understand why everyone comes back for more…There was something poetic about it.”

“Arriving there from the frenzied pace of life in New York City, where skyscrapers nearly block out the light, the difference is wonderfully disorienting.”

A place where you travel around to the sound of island frogs singing, the views were so breathtaking they almost brought her to tears.

31 Aug 2017
News: Jens Görlich

New work by Jens has taken him to the beautiful shorelines of German island Sylt to photograph beer and surfers.

The assignment was for Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt, shooting alcohol-free lager Jever Fun.

2 Aug 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn’s popular I Love Chatsworth Road project has been featured in London photography mag fLIP.

In the double page spread, Jørn puts pen to paper alongside his images, and writes about why he started a project to document his local neighbourhood.

He talks about how he feels it’s an important archive for future generations, and how it has evolved into a real labour of love with a free local magazine.

2 Aug 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

A photographer’s path often leads to the exciting and unfamiliar, and Gabriela’s latest shoot has seen her spend 48 hours with a Buddhist nun chef in Manhattan.

On assignment for The New York Times T Magazine, Gabriela shadowed Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan as she teamed up with French chef Eric Ripert to cook at his restaurant in honour of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, from where she hails.

“Spending time with these chefs was such a dream and another reminder of why I love living in NYC and doing what I do,” says Gabriela.

Gabriela photographed the pair on a walk around city, which included a pit stop for meditation, before Jeong set to work on her traditional temple cuisine.

26 Jul 2017
News: Jesse Burke

A great article on Jesse and how he is raising wild daughters has been featured in online publication Fatherly, in collaboration with outdoor clothing label L.L.Bean.

The article talks about the basis of Jesse’s well-received Wild & Precious project, which chronicles his nature explorations with his daughter, Clover, over five years.

And it explains why Jesse feels it is important as a parent to instil an intimate connection with nature into his children, to make them the next generation of environmental stewards.

He urges us all to make time to “stop and really look down in the dirt, up in the trees, get physical, touch things”.

“The world is a fragile place and we cannot screw it up,” says Jesse. “That’s not up for debate. We need to engage kids in nature.”

26 Jul 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

A lovely feature on Gabriela and her career is the cover story for the July/August issue of American photography magazine Click.

In the article, Gabriela talks about her personal project, The Kids, which profiles children with gay parents, explaining how she set out to explore and normalise her own family dynamic.

Gabriela also talks about growing up in Boston, her first big break with Martha Stewart, and balancing work with motherhood.

21 Jul 2017
Interview with Mariella Furrer

Mariella Furrer has lived in Africa her whole life and is passionate about global human rights. Her images shed a light on some of the world’s injustices and tell moving and powerful stories, which truly connect with her audiences.

Mariella has an incredible talent for making subjects in very tough situations open up to her and share their experiences and vulnerabilities.

She says the most important thing …

Read more 20 Jul 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Air conditioning units are not your usual theme for an art show but are the reason two of Dolly’s images are appearing at a gallery in New York.

Cool for the Summer, on view from 21-31 July at the John Doe Gallery, Brooklyn, describes the exhibition as a “self-conscious nod to Demi Lovato’s very obvious but failed attempt at producing the summer hit of 2015, which will also be a failed attempt at keeping cool during the heat of summer”.

Dolly’s images appear alongside varied artworks all linked directly to cooling devices such as air conditioning or fans.

“They are probably the only two photos I have ever taken that happen to have a/c units in them, which I didn’t even realise until the gallery reached out to me,” says Dolly.

20 Jul 2017
News: Micheal McLaughlin

Micheal has reached a milestone with the Summertime Salon in New York – exhibiting for the 20th time.

The annual show, celebrating summer, has opened its doors again at the Robin Rice Gallery in Manhattan, and is arranged in French ‘salon’ style, where pictures are stacked to cover the gallery walls.

“It makes for a fun show,” says Micheal. “It has become a marker for each summer, and has been something to look forward to each year.”

Micheal’s image (pictured) captures beach life in Rio, Brazil.

The exhibition runs until 10 September.

20 Jul 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly has spent a day photographing a luxury dog hotel and spa for online mag Topic. Yep, you heard right: a spa for pooches.

Down at Pompano Beach in Florida, is Chateau Poochie, where Dolly went for the shoot. The boarding rooms apparently come with television and are up to human hotel standards.

“I was pretty excited to do this shoot,” says Dolly. “Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with pampered pets?”

Canine perks include blueberry facials, massage, and story-time.

20 Jul 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

The latest edition of Jørn’s I Love Chatsworth Road magazine is now out in print.

Focusing on the lives of his east London community, the publication was borne out of Jørn’s ongoing photographic project.

This issue includes interviews with local market traders, shop owners, and the Our/London Vodka distillery.

Some ace images from Jørn’s pop-up drone portraits of primary school kids and aerial shots of the area also grace its pages.

The sixth issue was marked with a launch party on 29 June at The Castle Cinema, which features in the mag. At the launch, Jørn also shared his motion skills, screening an amazing interview with one of his original and very characterful photographic subjects, Kay.

20 Jul 2017
News: Jesse Burke

Jesse has been named one of the top five people to follow on Instagram by The New York Times’ style magazine.

He is included in T Magazine’s latest round up of the best Instagram accounts out there, which feature users “with remarkable captures of all things All-American”, including landscapes of the great outdoors.

6 Jul 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

A photo shoot for American home and lifestyle magazine Domino has combined some of Gabriela’s top passions: food, flowers and festivities.

Through colourful and vibrant photography, Gabriela depicts the joint bridal shower of twins Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato, founders of accessories line Lizzie Fortunato. The article is published online and in print.

14 Jun 2017
News: Noah Sheldon

Online art newspaper, ArtDaily, shines a spotlight on Noah’s photo book, Shanghai Tower.

Sharing Noah’s vision behind the project, the article reveals how “the country’s labour force is a topic close to his heart” and his photographs “shine a light on the construction of China’s tallest skyscraper as well as the brave, tireless and often hidden people without whom it wouldn’t be possible to be built”.

1 Jun 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

“A riot of colour and fabulousness – all beehive wigs and slightly-too-tight glittery dresses” is how top art and design publication It’s Nice That describes the Dollypalooza photo series.

Dolly’s project, which captures the magic of Dolly Parton fan tributes across New York, has been featured by this leading online publication. The article shares Dolly’s journey to photography and the inimitable festivities in the singer’s honour.

“It’s about glamour, femininity, and finding something within yourself to celebrate with everyone,” says (our) Dolly.

1 Jun 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn has amassed more than 70 new portraits of healthy, happy school kids in London as part of his community pop up studio.

The photos, now on the I Love Chatsworth Road website, were all taken at a local primary school, which recently changed its kitchen from factory made food to cooking everything from scratch in its own kitchen.

The children help to grow the vegetables, says Jørn.

“Concentration among pupils has also improved and on the global side, the school has drastically reduced its waste, saving the environment and wasted collection fees.”

23 May 2017
News: Noah Sheldon

Imagine trying to balance dozens of giant Styrofoam bundles on a bicycle and then pedalling for hours through city traffic, with no side vision as you’re literally boxed inside a giant foam house.

This is someone’s job. And it is among the fascinating and insightful stories being shared by Noah through Work-is, an ongoing series of video documentaries about labour in China.

“I have been profiling specific jobs at a very intimate and granular level,” says Noah. “I get to learn about how things work, also about how things are connected in much deeper ways. It’s incredible how personal stories can be allegories for much larger trends or truths.”

As a photographer working in Shanghai, Noah has spent a lot of time documenting China’s vast supply chain, getting behind the scenes of an often discussed but seldom seen side of the country.

So with his filmmaker hat on, he started the Work-is series, to bring to life through personal narratives what it means to be working in modern China.

17 May 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela has been busy portraiting some of the young people benefiting from an organisation for vulnerable inner city youth in New York.

To help promote the work of the non-profit Renaissance Youth Center, in the Bronx, a collection of her images were displayed at its annual fundraising gala. “I shot portraits of all the kids from the various programmes – such as music, tutoring and dance,” says Gabriela.

Renaissance offers performance based music programmes to empower at-risk and underprivileged children. More of Gabriela’s portraits can be seen on her Instagram.

16 May 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn will share tales of self-publishing and his I Love Chatsworth Road project at the upcoming Offspring Photo Meet in London.

The Hackney event, on 12-13 May, brings together top photography experts to impart their wisdom and advice to professional and aspiring image makers.

“I will also talk about how I believe print is still the best way to look at photographs, the importance of archival photography and how you find interesting stories on your doorstep,” says Jørn.

He explains how doing the ILCR magazine, which shares stories about his local neighbourhood, means he reaches out to an extremely wide demographic. “I involve talented local illustrators, writers and designers to make a quality product that is appealing to a global audience, despite the local focus.”

Jørn’s slot is on Saturday evening (13 May), together with Loupe magazine. Offspring Photo Meet was set up to create a different environment where liked minded souls could meet, discover and connect in London.

Sign up for a free ticket via its site.

28 Apr 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

In an interview with Photoshelter Blog, Gabriela shares behind-the-scenes insight into a shoot she did with celebrity chef Wylie Dufresne for The New York Times’ T Magazine.

Gabriela talks about what it was like following Wylie through his morning ritual, and also offers her best advice for new photographers to help connect with clients they want to work with.

“I always tell people is be social! I can’t emphasise this enough,” she says. “That’s how I got my first assisting gigs when I was starting out. People want to hire you not only for your talent, but also because they like having you around.”

26 Apr 2017
Interview with Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman grew up in Boston but her Brazilian roots and time spent living abroad in vibrant spots like Mexico and São Paulo have added a wonderful depth to her photographic palette. Her optimistic attitude to life also shines through in her pictures, which have real warmth and energy.

Gabriela’s personal work has roamed between intimate portraits of bloggers to people with an LGBT parent …

Read more 24 Apr 2017
News: Noah Sheldon

In the run-up to the Olympics in Brazil, Noah directed a TV ad and shot a photographic campaign for Oakley.

It features badminton champion Lin Dan.

19 Apr 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela’s street wanderings during the U.S. spring break in Miami have morphed into a new personal project.

She was in South Beach, walking around, when she literally stumbled across spring break “like she’s never seen before” and started shooting, street photography style.

“I don’t normally roam around looking to make an image, it’s usually more planned, so there was something so freeing about this,” says Gabriela.

“Luckily I had my camera with me and it was that beautiful end-of-day diffused light,” she adds. “I stayed clear of the debauchery and approached people whose style I was digging.”

6 Apr 2017
Interview with Jesse Burke

Jesse Burke has always been a nature lover but he got known as a ‘dude’ photographer, more prone to probing masculinity with rugged, manly images. He has since gravitated towards super nature dad and new age environmentalism with his personal work.

His Wild & Precious project, which has gained a lot of attention in his home country, the U.S., is a beautiful reminder of our connection …

Read more 3 Apr 2017
News: Greg Funnell

New work for Shell involving a six-country shoot.

See more highlights below.

26 Mar 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Some of Dolly’s inimitable impressions of life around Manhattan, New York, are being exhibited in a show celebrating the city.

My Manhattan is curated by gallerist Loni Efron, whose career started with the likes of photographers Annie Leibovitz and David LaChapelle. It is all about how differently people see this city, with images from over the decades.

Dolly says the mannequins image (pictured), which shows them inside a vacant store, represents the “strange and unique things you come across every day in Manhattan”.

She adds: “The photos [for the show] are being displayed in an unconventional gallery – a classic brownstone in Harlem with a truly bohemian interior, which doubles as an art gallery with a fantastic photography collection. It’s very New York and the perfect space to have a show like this.”

Her photos are on display from 4 May to 26 August at ilon Art Gallery, in Harlem.

24 Mar 2017
Interview with Jørn Tomter

Jørn Tomter is a Norwegian photographer living in London. He loves to document people in communities and tell stories about their everyday lives, no matter how big or small. His current long term focus, I Love Chatsworth Road, is an intimate adventure of epic proportions about the place he calls home. What started as a simple photography project to record the rich history, heritage and rapid changes in his neighbourhood …

Read more 16 Mar 2017
News: Jens Görlich

Jens describes the challenges of high altitude shooting in his latest aerial project to snatch some beautiful images over the German Alps.

The helicopter flight kicked off in Ottobrunn, a small community in Bavaria, and travelled towards the German border with Austria.

Jens says they had to fly at the highest legally possible altitude to make sure the background photos would feel right later on, when commercial jets are added to the images, for Lufthansa.

“Of course a jet airliner naturally flies fairly high but we were in a helicopter,” he adds. “And when the door is open, you can’t stay too long at this altitude because the air is so thin.

“So sometimes the pilot made me stop shooting, just when I felt I had the best light, so we could fly lower and catch some oxygen again.”

9 Mar 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn shines a light on some invisible Hollywood stars with his latest London exhibition, DUBBERS.

His portraits of the faces behind the German voices given to some of the world’s most famous actors, including Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson, are being shown on Thursday, 9 March, at Hackney’s newly restored picture palace, The Castle Cinema.

Voice dubbing is still de rigeur in many European countries and Jørn gets behind the scenes of this industry in Germany, to uncover the hidden talent.

Pictured here is Engelbert von Nordhausen, who does the voices of Danny Glover, Gene Hackman and Samuel L Jackson.

The exhibition launched on 9 March and is due to run until 20 April.

1 Mar 2017
News: Jesse Burke

A lovely insight into the stories behind Jesse’s Wild & Precious project appears in his latest interview – this time for New England radio station WBUR.

The ARTery, the online arts and culture section of the Boston-based station, has shared a conversation with him that offers some real colour on the transition Jesse made when his photography took him from ‘dude photographer’ down a new path as a father.

Wild & Precious is a photographic, film and book project, which documents a series of road trip wanderings he and his daughter Clover took around America over five years, where he encouraged her to bond with nature and the wild.

“My job as a parent is to raise conscious humans, says Jesse, “the next wave of environmental stewards, kids that will be all loving and embrace all humans and the planet equally.”

23 Feb 2017
News: Jørn Tomter

Jørn is photographing the story behind the sustainable and socially conscious spirit of a great UK project to help quash food waste and poverty.

FoodCycle is a national charity that combines volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen spaces to create meals for people at risk of food poverty and social isolation.

Commissioned by the local council, Jørn has been capturing the initiative in action at its Hackney hub in London with portraits of the people it helps.

“FoodCycle is an amazing initiative and something I really like to support,” says Jørn. He explains that the people it feeds, who he photographed, are usually poor, unemployed, lonely, and have mental problems.

“The weekly food day has changed their life, offered them a healthier approach to eating, enabled them to make new friends, and it helps to develop communities,” adds Jørn.

The portraits will go on a touring exhibition in Hackney to give the project more exposure. This includes at community halls and hopefully Hackney Museum in the autumn.

23 Feb 2017
Interview with Noah Sheldon

Noah Sheldon likes showing his vision of the world to people. He is drawn to the idea of a historical record, feeling a little like an archivist and documenting the passing moments of time. His photos have a purity and clarity that is at once both intense yet honest. Ensuring there is no distortion in his images is important to Noah – he wants to present things as you see them but still with a heightened sense of incredible detail …

Read more 21 Feb 2017
Interview with Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly Faibyshev is an American photographer born to Russian immigrant parents in Philadelphia. Her pictures are brimful of brightness and playful tones, dazzling with a truly inimitable style. But lightness and fun is just one layer – she strives for juxtaposition and satire, and hopes her work speaks on different levels. We chat to Dolly in New York, where she has lived for around a decade. Her projects explore the meaning …

Read more 8 Feb 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

The global Women’s March day will go down in history and Gabriela’s experience of the protest in the U.S. capital is counted among the powerful images of female photographers taking part.

She was interviewed for American website and magazine Wired.com about her experiences of the worldwide anti-Trump protest on 21 January to protect legislation and policies around human rights and other issues, including women’s rights. Her image gives a glimpse into the demonstration in Washington, which was among hundreds of marches held in cities globally.

“It was important as a woman, as a photographer, but also as a new mother,” says Gabriela. “I wanted to tell my seven-month-old daughter, who I brought with me, that she was there for this historic event.”

6 Feb 2017
News: Jesse Burke

The spotlight is on Jesse’s Wild & Precious project again, this time as part of a solo
U.S. exhibition.

Gallery Kayafas, in Boston, is showing Wild & Precious, which documents the adventures and self-discovery made by his young daughter Clover on a series of road trips she took with Jesse to explore forests, beaches and rivers across America.

Jesse is excited to exhibit the project in a solo show for the first time in Boston. “I’ve had a long relationship with the gallery and it feels great to finally get this project up on the wall in front my local friends and colleagues, especially because there is a bunch of brand new work that my children and I have collaborated on being displayed,” he says.

He adds: “It’s a new path for us and I’m really excited to share it. It consists of photographs that are treated with glitter paint as well as cyanotypes that we collectively created, as well as new sculptural pieces.”

As part of the gallery’s first Friday reception for Wild & Precious, Jesse will be doing an artist’s talk on 3 February from 6.30-7.30pm with Karen Haas, curator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the U.S.

19 Jan 2017
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela has been doing her bit for an environment charity as part of a silent auction of travel photos.

Wanderlust: a silent auction benefit took place online to raise funds for the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Her photo Kauai, taken while on assignment for the Travel Channel in Hawaii, was part
of a group of images of emerging and established photographers depicting life through the traveller’s lens, shown off at the Wanderlust exhibition in Los Angeles, U.S., on 18 January.

The NRDC is all about building a better future, by working hard to safeguard the earth, its people, plants and animals, and natural systems on which all life depends.

“I was excited to be in such great company for the Wanderlust exhibit and silent auction,” says Gabriela. “The NRDC is a vital charity – part of the lifeblood of protecting our world for the future.”

Month of Photography Los Angeles ran the online auction fundraiser. Kauai was the second highest sale in the show.

18 Jan 2017
News: Noah Sheldon

Noah has had the chance to document the workers responsible for the construction of China’s tallest tower, with his stunning images also picked up by the prestigious Financial Times.

Standing at an enormous 632m high, the skyscraper adds to the already impressive Shanghai skyline and continues to create a nod towards China’s progress to the future. Gensler, the U.S. builders of Shanghai Tower, invited Noah to record its construction from an architectural perspective.

While documenting the build, Noah took the opportunity to document the people responsible for putting the 127-storey tower together. Like many big Chinese construction projects, Shanghai Tower was built by migrant workers from the provincial cities and rural areas.

Noah says he was struck by the pride and physical courage the workers displayed working at such extreme heights. “They’re proud of the work, and we tapped into that,” he adds. “The way I approached the workers was to say, ‘You should be documented in the same way the building is’.”

Shanghai Tower claims to be the world’s greenest skyscraper, having been awarded an LEED platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

12 Jan 2017
Interview with Christopher LaMarca

‘Raw’ and ‘visceral’ is how American photographer Christopher LaMarca describes his work. He is all about being emotionally accurate and truly getting under the skin of a subject over time. Moving the hairs on people’s arms and making them feel something is far more essential to him than trying to influence their beliefs, though most of his projects are bound up in thought provoking environmental and …

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News: Jørn Tomter

The fifth issue of Jørn’s magazine chronicling the lives of his east London community has been published and marked with a launch party.

Norwegian born Jørn has turned his ongoing photographic project I Love Chatsworth Road into a regular self-published magazine with contribution from talented local designers and writers.

His project charts the unstoppable change in the neighbourhood brought on by gentrification and growth. But it is also a way of building bridges between local people and reminding newer parts of the community of its history and heritage.

“I would love for those who have been here for a long time to be friends with – or at least try – and connect with people who have just moved in,” says Jørn.

“Initially the magazine wasn’t the plan, but the streets became my studio. I had so many pictures that I thought I needed to get this out in print,” he adds. “That is kind of how the magazine started.”

The fifth issue was out on 1 December, with the launch party on 30 November in Hackney, London.

1 Jan 2017
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly shows it’s not easy being Santa when she captured a grandfather’s transformation for his festive gig in Brooklyn for the New York Times.

She tracked 70-year-old John Gebbie from the start of his journey at his Long Island home to his appearance in Brooklyn, in a heartening and humorous tale for the newspaper.

“I really loved this story,” says Dolly. “He was so enthusiastic and took his job very seriously, wanting to make sure the kids really believed the magic. His story was so heartwarming, I almost believed he was the real Santa!”

John even enrolled in Santa school to make sure he got things just right, which includes how to talk to children.

30 Dec 2016
Interview with Jens Görlich

German photographer Jens Görlich talks to Tea & Water from his self-built home outside Frankfurt, an almost Bauhaus-style oasis of quiet. He has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years, though his beginnings stretch back to good fortune in some defining apprenticeships.

Jens focuses on people, landscapes and transportation. His wanderings have taken him to more than 50 countries and up in the skies to …

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News: Jens Görlich

An aerial shoot showing the endless expanse of the Namib desert in southern Africa is the subject of Jens’ newest project.

The images, almost otherworldly or apocalyptic in appearance, offer a glimpse at the Namib’s relentlessly moving gravel plains and dunes that stretch along the entire coastline.

“I’ve been interested in shooting landscapes ever since I spent a lot of time location-scouting for famous photographers as a transition process from being an assistant to becoming a photographer myself,” says Jens.

He explains how he came across spectacular landscapes so the idea developed for a series about lonely, remote landscapes, with just a little hint at civilisation.

“That view on the world still fascinates me today,” adds Jens. “With this Namibia project, the view from the air allowed for very interesting angles. I’ve often had the chance to shoot landscapes from the sky, and I think it is a very revealing view from up there.”

“You can easily see where humans leave their footprint, or where nature is completely untouched (or has taken the land back).”

29 Nov 2016
News: Gabriela Herman

Gabriela has photographed one of today’s leading literary figures for The New York Times.

Her portrait of British novelist Zadie Smith appeared in The New York Times this month, to illustrate an interview about the writer’s latest book, Swing Time.

“I’ve been shooting more portraits for The New York Times recently,” says Gabriela. “These are usually quick assignments where you really have to think on your toes and stretch those photo muscles.”

The shoots are a great opportunity to meet smart and talented people, she adds.

29 Nov 2016
News: Jesse Burke

The complex relationship between man and nature is explored in Jesse’s Wild & Precious photobook and film project.

Wild & Precious brings together treasures from a series of road trips over five years by the photographer and his daughter Clover to delve into the natural world.

“I want my children to genuinely understand how magical the world we inhabit is and how we, as humans, are an integral part of the system,” says Jesse. “I want them to feel a deep connection to every aspect of their surroundings.”

Together, the duo chronicled the routes they drove, landscapes discovered, creatures encountered, and even the roadside motels where they slept.

The goal of Wild & Precious, which also examines a father’s paternal love, is to encourage parents and children to spend time together connecting with the natural world.

A monograph version of their adventures, exploring everywhere from New England and the Pacific Northwest to Arizona and Florida, is published by Daylight Books and the film and photos are also available online.

22 Nov 2016
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Activists, actors and artists were among those attending a fashion party in New York photographed by Dolly to celebrate the glittering career of designer Carolina Herrera.

Dolly snapped the guests as they gathered in New York City to honour the famed designer, who has more than 15 million Twitter followers and a cool 11 million on Instagram.

Last month’s party was hosted to celebrate Carolina Herrera: 35 Years of Fashion, a heavy tome published by Rizzoli commemorating images and events on

her work.

22 Nov 2016
News: Jesse Burke

The wilderness wanderings of Jesse and his daughter on their U.S. road trips have been featured in environmental publication Orion Magazine.

As a publication focusing on nature, the environment and culture, the American magazine’s founding values “that humans are morally responsible for the world in which we live, and that the individual comes to sense this responsibility as he or she develops a personal bond with nature”, sit well with the ethos behind Jesse’s father-daughter Wild & Precious travels.

Jesse says he used the adventures to encourage a connection between his child and nature and to “give her an education that he considers essential; one that develops appreciation, respect, conservation, and self-confidence”.

17 Nov 2016
News: Dolly Faibyshev

Some of Dolly’s latest kaleidoscopic portraits give an insight into what one woman learnt while raving with her grandmother at a music festival in the U.S.

Dolly’s photographs have appeared in fashion, style and beauty website Refinery29. In her typical bright and bold style, she captures the wonderment shared between writer Lily Di Constanzo and her 82 year old grandmother at Beyond Wonderland, one of America’s biggest electronic dance music festivals.

“It reminded me how important it is to never stop exploring,” says Dolly, of photographing the pair together. “She [the granny] enlightened us all that day.”

Wanting to re connect to the virginal joy of her past festival-going days, Di Constanzo felt that taking first timer ‘Grammy Annette’ would open her eyes again.

16 Nov 2016
News: Jesse Burke

A shoot for digital media website Mashable has put Jesse inside the heart of globally conscious businesses in Boston,

the U.S.

Jesse’s photographs help to illustrate the stories behind 10 socially responsible companies, including an organic toy store, rooftop farm and eco-friendly hotel, deemed to go the extra mile to promote ethical and sustainable commerce.

They include running clothes maker Janji, which donates part of its proceeds to non-government organisations (NGOs) trying to boost access to clean water around the world.

14 Nov 2016
News: Jesse Burke

America’s first offshore wind farm is the subject of a recent shoot by Jesse.

Jesse travelled 20 miles south of Rhode Island to photograph Block Island Wind Farm’s towering 50-storey monoliths for Gizmodo, a design, technology and science fiction website.

Developer Deepwater Wind is behind the project to make local, clean and reliable energy a reality. There are roughly 2500 wind turbines spinning in the ocean off the coast of Europe today but none until now in

the U.S.

Deepwater Wind says it partnered with environmental advocates, conservationists and scientists to protect endangered whales and other marine mammals during pre-construction and construction.

13 Nov 2016
News: Jesse Burke

An interview for American magazine Aint-Bad has shone a spotlight on Jesse’s Wild & Precious project again.

Aint Bad, which describes itself as a collective dedicated to publishing new photographic art to support a progressive community of global artists, probed Jesse about his work.

This included the experience and insight gained through Wild & Precious, which chronicles in film and photographs a series of American road trips with his daughter Clover. They were aimed at allowing his children to feel a “deep connection and love for nature”, like he does.

In the interview, Jesse, recently named one of Time magazine’s top 50 U.S. photographers to follow on Instagram, says he hoped his children “will grow up to be sensitive environmental stewards”.

He also says the collaborative family nature of the Wild & Precious project has shifted his complete concept of how photography should be approached. “I’m a much more collaborative artist in general now and I thank my daughter for teaching me this,” explains Jesse.

10 Nov 2016
News: Jesse Burke

Photographs, prints and drawings from Jesse’s startlingly beautiful Wild & Precious project have been exhibited at the RISD Museum in his home state of Rhode Island.

His landscapes, portraiture and still life photography were on display at the museum, in Providence, for most of 2016.

The exhibition celebrated the release of Jesse’s book, also titled Wild & Precious, and a gift of artwork from the series to the RISD Museum.
If you missed the show, you can view the photos on Jesse’s site.

7 Nov 2016