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Interview with Guy Martin

British documentary photographer Guy Martin was on his way to becoming a semi pro surfer before photography came along, propelling him into a very different world: one of revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, and other places in periods of transition. But then came a near-death experience while covering the Libyan uprising in 2011. Guy’s injuries were so bad that he had to learn to walk again and also re-find his photographic focus.

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Interview with Oli Kellett

Oli Kellett is a self-taught British photographer based in Hasting, UK. After starting his career as a creative in the advertising industry, Oli’s passion for photography took him behind the camera creating conceptual imagery for many campaigns. For the past two years, Oli has focused his time on Cross Road Blues, an ongoing project using large format photography to capture people at urban intersections as they navigate their lives.

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Interview with Greg Miller

American photographer Greg Miller considers himself more of a fine artist with a commercial career. He uses the serendipity of chance meetings with strangers and large format street photography to build insightful, narrative photographs.

From Nashville to New York and now Connecticut, Greg has moved between small town life and the throngs of city living. He’s always gravitated towards …

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Conversation with Tim Flach

World-renowned photographer Tim Flach is fascinated by how humans shape animals and shape their meaning, and likes to explore how imagery can be used to foster an emotional connection. He brings to life the complexity of the animal kingdom in a highly conceptual and incredibly unique style. He believes emotions and feelings are a vital part of telling stories and says ‘sometimes the best science has to be put in a form that …

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Interview with Surya Balakrishnan

Surya Balakrishnan is a commercial and documentary director. She is admired for her ability to tell profoundly deep stories with casts that can include professional actors and people who have never been in front of a camera.

Her ability to create commercials and films that reveal their characters’ fine emotions, especially connected to challenging topics, makes her a sought after director.

Surya has created commercials for …

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Interview with Sarah M Lee

For Sarah M Lee, portraiture, features and the arts are often her focus but she loves all photography exploring people and our shared human experience. Her photographs are often a study of the in between moments of human proximity. The stories framed in her images range from the dramatic to the extremely poetic.

Away from commercial work, Sarah is an official BAFTA photographer and a seasoned regular for The Guardian …

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Interview with Greg Funnell

Greg Funnell is a photographer who can equally look into the soul of a person or the spirit of a car. His work might look casual but is shot with extreme precision and love for detail. He shoots in a signature documentary style with great commercial sensibility, capturing the often unseen in both black and white and colour.

From a background in war and history studies at university to photojournalism, Greg now works globally …

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Interview with Micheal McLaughlin

A third-generation Brooklynite, photographer Micheal McLaughlin focuses on people and technology in an ever-changing world. He is an amazing talent who has worked on some of the world’s most iconic brands, and featured in almost every publication that matters, travelling to more than 40 countries. He makes some very challenging assignments look effortless and also has the reputation for being one of the nicest people …

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Interview with Mariella Furrer

Mariella Furrer has lived in Africa her whole life and is passionate about global human rights. Her images shed a light on some of the world’s injustices and tell moving and powerful stories, which truly connect with her audiences.

Mariella has an incredible talent for making subjects in very tough situations open up to her and share their experiences and vulnerabilities.

She says the most important thing …

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Interview with Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman grew up in Boston but her Brazilian roots and time spent living abroad in vibrant spots like Mexico and São Paulo have added a wonderful depth to her photographic palette. Her optimistic attitude to life also shines through in her pictures, which have real warmth and energy.

Gabriela’s personal work has roamed between intimate portraits of bloggers to people with an LGBT parent …

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Interview with Jesse Burke

Jesse Burke has always been a nature lover but he got known as a ‘dude’ photographer, more prone to probing masculinity with rugged, manly images. He has since gravitated towards super nature dad and new age environmentalism with his personal work.

His Wild & Precious project, which has gained a lot of attention in his home country, the U.S., is a beautiful reminder of our connection …

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Interview with Jørn Tomter

Jørn Tomter is a Norwegian photographer living in London. He loves to document people in communities and tell stories about their everyday lives, no matter how big or small. His current long term focus, I Love Chatsworth Road, is an intimate adventure of epic proportions about the place he calls home. What started as a simple photography project to record the rich history, heritage and rapid changes in his neighbourhood …

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Interview with Noah Sheldon

Noah Sheldon likes showing his vision of the world to people. He is drawn to the idea of a historical record, feeling a little like an archivist and documenting the passing moments of time. His photos have a purity and clarity that is at once both intense yet honest. Ensuring there is no distortion in his images is important to Noah – he wants to present things as you see them but still with a heightened sense of incredible detail …

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Interview with Dolly Faibyshev

Dolly Faibyshev is an American photographer born to Russian immigrant parents in Philadelphia. Her pictures are brimful of brightness and playful tones, dazzling with a truly inimitable style. But lightness and fun is just one layer – she strives for juxtaposition and satire, and hopes her work speaks on different levels. We chat to Dolly in New York, where she has lived for around a decade. Her projects explore the meaning …

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Interview with Christopher LaMarca

‘Raw’ and ‘visceral’ is how American photographer Christopher LaMarca describes his work. He is all about being emotionally accurate and truly getting under the skin of a subject over time. Moving the hairs on people’s arms and making them feel something is far more essential to him than trying to influence their beliefs, though most of his projects are bound up in thought provoking environmental and …

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Interview with Jens Görlich

German photographer Jens Görlich talks to Tea & Water from his self-built home outside Frankfurt, an almost Bauhaus-style oasis of quiet. He has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years, though his beginnings stretch back to good fortune in some defining apprenticeships.

Jens focuses on people, landscapes and transportation. His wanderings have taken him to more than 50 countries and up in the skies to …

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