Tea & Water Pictures was created to be a different kind of artist representation

To create a better world we need to see it better, from more – and new – vantage points. Today, this is more important than ever.

We founded Tea & Water Pictures as a different kind of artist representation. Our mission is to give all artists we work with the opportunity to be more creative and develop their own strategy, vision and career, wherever they are in the world.

We work as bridges between cultures. And we work to behave in ways that can make this world better and more livable; now, and for generations to come.

Our passion is sustainability and social responsibility; without using these big words.

For our clients, we make more interesting projects possible, by bringing in our marketing expertise and our tested global creative network. We make it possible to work with artists who are more creative, more strategic and often closer to where they are needed. We cultivate connections between cultures, both obvious and more nuanced.

With all our work we follow sustainable production guidelines created by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and work towards reducing our impact on the environment where possible and in every sense. We invite our artists and clients to work with us in supporting this commitment.

To find out more about the way we work, get in touch with us. Even if you are just at the beginning of a project and are not thinking about photography, moving image or any creative elements yet. And if you are an artist and feel that working with us would be better for you and the planet, please get in touch as well.

Or even if you just want to say hello.