Tea & Water Pictures

Tea & Water Pictures was created to be a different kind of artist representation

We see photographers and directors who work with us as human creators, not mere camera operators. And so we want them to be involved in the creative process earlier and in more meaningful ways. And that’s true for all projects out there, with agencies, clients and publications; anywhere in the world.

We want to be a bridge between cultures. And we want to behave in ways that can make this world better and more liveable; now, and for generations to come.

We encourage our artists to pursue personal projects and we see these projects as inspiration and starting points for collaborations and assignments with clients in the future. Several of the projects featured on this site are incredibly personal and intimate. They reveal a fragile world, one that is worth loving, protecting and fighting for.
Some of the work here dares to break into usually guarded personal spaces, to create the unexpected and the disarming.

We have worked with photographers and directors for decades, and we have learned that when hiring the best, one should give them the freedom to create their best. And so Tea & Water Pictures embodies the same principles as Tea & Water Ltd.: Work with people you like, on projects you love, with clients whose mission you can believe in.

With all of our work we follow a set of sustainable production guidelines created by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and will work towards reducing our impact on the environment where possible and in every sense. We invite our photographers and clients to work with us in supporting this commitment.

To find out more about the way we work, get in touch with us. Even if you are just at the beginning of a project and are not thinking about photography yet. And if you are a photographer and feel that working with us would be better for you and the planet, please get in touch as well.

Or even if you just want to say hello.

There might be some amazing discoveries ahead. For all of us.