John Baloyi

John Baloyi: Coorator SwitzerlandCoorator Switzerland

​John Baloyi’s Intergalactic series is showcasing at Balboa Zurich, hosted by the art platform Coorator.

View moreMar 31, 2021
John Baloyi: John stirs the #MillionActsOfCreativity movement by Bombay SapphireJohn stirs the #MillionActsOfCreativity movement by Bombay Sapphire

​John Baloyi is an ambassador for Bombay Sapphire’s latest campaign #MillionActsOfCreativity.

View moreMar 9, 2021
John Baloyi: John features in Somewhere MagazineJohn features in Somewhere Magazine

​John Baloyi’s early portraiture work is featured in the highly popular London based magazine ‘Somewhere’.

View moreMar 3, 2021
John Baloyi: Prizm Art Fair MiamiPrizm Art Fair Miami

John exhibits at the dynamic Prism Art Fair in Miami this year.

View his gallery at PrizmDec 5, 2020