Liz Mcburney

Liz Mcburney: Liz’s Trust project exhibits at Nanda & HobbsLiz’s Trust project exhibits at Nanda & Hobbs

The ‘Trust’ series by Liz Mcburney, which is a collaboration with the artist Peta O’Brien on the subject of human form has recently been on show at the Nanda & Hobbs Gallery in Sydney.

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Liz Mcburney: Liz shoots for VeloforteLiz shoots for Veloforte

Veloforte’s new range of recovery shakes is photographed by Liz Mcburney. 

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Liz Mcburney: AOP’s ‘most liked image’ of 2020AOP’s ‘most liked image’ of 2020

The Association of Photographers announces Liz Mcburney’s still life work as one of the ‘most liked images of 2020’ at the AOP Gallery.

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